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For the perk in Fallout: New Vegas, see Day Tripper (perk).

A pre-war chem favored by those looking for a "happy escape," Daytripper raises both Charisma and Luck, but lowers Strength, for a limited period of time.

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Day Tripper is a consumable item in Fallout 4.


An unusual drug, Day Tripper increases the user's Charisma and boosts their Luck, but decreases physical Strength.


  • Concord Civic Access, near a dead raider.
  • Two can be found in Concord Speakeasy, on the second floor in the bathroom with the mannequins holding machetes. One is in the sink and the other is under the sink.
  • Diamond City, sold at Solomon's Chem-I-Care (trading, rare).
  • Goodneighbor, can be bought once per day from Fred located in Hotel Rexford.
  • Gunners plaza, on the second floor.
  • Two can be found north of Vault 81, in an unmarked trader shack. One is below the cash register, one is on the chemistry station in the back room.
  • Northwest of Outpost Zimonja in an unmarked shack under an overpass.
    • If it's not in the larger shack directly under the highway overpass, it can be found in a much smaller shack a short walk down to a drainage lake slightly northwest of the first shack (follow the path behind some red barrels to the left of the first shack).
  • Revere Beach station, ahead from entrance, on the desk in farthest room.
  • Saugus Ironworks, on the lower level inside the smelting pot with a skeleton and shopping basket on the floor at the bottom of a staircase.
  • North of Somerville Place, look for a partially painted statue that looks to be in poor condition. A lone raider can be found sitting on one of several stone benches in the area. On one of the benches is a bottle of Day Tripper.
  • West Roxbury station, in the hand of a skeleton sitting on a bench.
  • Just northeast of Hyde Park when heading towards the church tower. Found in a ruined house, with a dead settler in the corner.
  • Two can be found in King Cola's Castle in Nuka-World, in the women's bathroom (with two strollers in front of the stalls) inside the most right stall. fo4nwGametitle-FO4 NW

Behind the scenesEdit

The name is a reference to the Beatles song "Day Tripper."

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