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David Cravens is an artist who worked at Interplay Entertainment on Fallout 2 on Video Services.

Biography / CareerEdit

Dave Cravens works as a Senior Media Producer for Interplay Productions, a video game company based in Southern California where he lives with his wife Emily. The twenty-six year old author has a portfolio as diverse as it is prolific, and expresses his creativity in a number of forms such as drawing, composing music, computer modeling, video editing and writing. No matter what method he chooses to tell his story, Cravens' goal remains the same: to entertain the world.

You can check out Craven's latest creation Toy Wars Episode 11 on IFILM.COM. It's an amazing short animated film that is truly worth watching.

Originally from the Midwest, Cravens graduated with a journalism degree from the University of Minnesota. It was during these college years that he wrote Crusaders of a Dying Breed, a story based on characters and ideas he created in high school. Having failed previous attempts to finish any novel, Cravens' opted to write Crusaders backwards, starting with the final chapter. Thus he was finished before he had even started. Cravens then used his skills as an artist to design the book's cover and all supporting artwork.

When he isn't working, Cravens loves to collect toys and action figures, dabble with computers, and gets his weekly dose of humility playing for the world's worst arena soccer team.

Other stories and art can be found at where Cravens writes a monthly series entitled Fireside Stories. Crusaders of a Dying Breed is Cravens first published book and the first of a trilogy. The second installment is due out sometime in the fall of 2001.

Employment historyEdit

2010?Activision Publishing, Inc.
2008?Sierra Entertainment, Inc.
2005?Capcom Entertainment, Inc.
19982004Interplay Entertainment


Fallout seriesEdit

YearTitleCredited as/for
1998Fallout 2Video Services

Other workEdit

YearTitleCredited as/for
2010Transformers: War for Cybertron

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