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David's holotape is a holodisk in Fallout 4. It was recorded by David Tournquist and is intended for his mother when their home at West Everett Estates was attacked.


The tape can be found in Wayne's terminal in Backyard bunker in West Everett Estates.



David: Mama, this is David. The bad men came back. I saw them shoot mister Lance and he fell off the roof. Michael said he'd be okay, be he isn't moving.
Michael: David, come on. Dad said we have to grab our stuff.
David: No! I have to leave a note for mama so she can find us. Stop it!
Wayne: Boys, come on! We're leaving. Now!
David: Hold on, I have to get Jangles.
Wayne: Michael, grab your brother. There's no time. They'll be back any second.

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