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Dangerous Minds is a main story quest and achievement/trophy in Fallout 4.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Main Quest: Dangerous Minds
Retrieve a Piece of Kellogg's brain.
Talk to Doctor Amari.
Sit in the Memory Lounger.
Explore Kellogg's memories.
Talk to Doctor Amari.
Reward: 300 XP
Leads to: The Glowing Sea

Detailed walkthroughEdit

Lounging around at the Memory DenEdit

After killing Kellogg, loot the cybernetic brain augmenter, to delve deep into his memories. Gather it from Fort Hagen (as part of the previous quest, Reunions) if you haven't already.

Follow Nick Valentine's advice and locate Doctor Amari. This involves a trip into Boston, through the ruins of the Financial District, to the rough-and-tumble fortified settlement of Goodneighbor. Greet the locals, then head to the Memory Den. Irma owns this establishment.

Down in the basement, converse with Doctor Amari. After Nick Valentine volunteers to help out, you're invited to sit in the lounger to experience snippets of Kellogg's past.


The Sole Survivor wanders through the ethereal strands of Kellogg's memory. Stepping from memory to memory, a scene plays out revealing a piece of Kellogg's life. In most of the memories, various things can be activated to trigger additional monologues, where Kellogg will go into more detail about them.

The memories reveal that Kellogg does indeed work for the Institute, took Shaun from Vault 111, and shows that the Institute uses some kind of teleportation to operate freely. The final scene reveals that Kellogg's current mission is to hunt down a runaway scientist named Virgil and that Virgil likely escaped into the Glowing Sea.


Me, Dad, Radio, Mom

Young adulthoodEdit

Me, Sarah, Window, Mary


There are no monologues in this memory.


Me, Wastelander (each have unique monologues), Bartender


Me, Synth, Institute Agent


Me, Institute scientist, Cryopod, Primary Subject, Backup Subject


Me, Shaun, Institute Courser, Dr. Virgil's file (once it's placed on the desk)

Back to realityEdit

Upon conclusion of the final scene, Doctor Amari will instruct the Sole Survivor to interact with the television to leave the memory. Back in the Memory Den, speak to Doctor Amari about Virgil. When leaving the Memory Den, there is an optional conversation with Nick Valentine where he will first seem to been taken over by Kellogg's memory, only for Nick to seemingly regain control. He will also offer additional advice about hunting Virgil.

Quest stagesEdit

This quest branches into an unmarked sub-quest, Shattered.

Dangerous Minds (MQ202)Edit

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
5 Retrieve a piece of Kellogg's Brain
10 Talk to Doctor AmariThere's a woman named Doctor Amari who might be able to extract the secrets of entering the Institute from Kellogg's brain.
155 Sit in the Memory LoungerDoctor Amari has plugged a piece of Kellogg's brain into Nick Valentine. Now all I have to do is sit down and experience any memories we can find.
300 Explore Kellogg's memories - Transition to MQ203
310 Talk to Doctor AmariDoctor Amari's procedure is complete. I have access to Kellogg's memories. Hopefully one of them will tell me how to find the Institute... and Shaun.
320Quest finishedIcon checkQuest completeDoctor Amari's procedure was a success. By exploring Kellogg's memories, I learned that the Institute uses teleportation technology, and that a top scientist named Dr. Virgil is hiding out somewhere in the Glowing Sea.

Shattered (MQ203)Edit

100 Start memory sequence
200 Memory A
300 Memory B
400 Memory C
500 Memory D
600 Memory E
700 Memory F
900 Memory H
1000 Leave memory
1100 Transition back to MQ202

Companion reactionsEdit

Every companion except Curie likes when the memory playback is completed. Curie is indifferent (which means missing a free like for another companion if she was brought for the purposes of advancing Emergent Behavior), and Nick is always present for the event to trigger.


  • If the player has previously told Piper or Nick Valentine to wait at a settlement, they will instead be at Valentine Detective Agency or Publick Occurrences waiting for the player character as part of ending the previous quest and beginning this one.
  • Under normal circumstances Emergent Behavior cannot be advanced until after this quest is completed. However, if the player used console commands to advance through it before completing this quest, Dr. Amari will say, "Wait. I remember you. I helped you with the robot-to-synth transplant for Curie." This implies that it was previously possible to finish Emergent Behavior before completing Dangerous Minds.
  • It is heavily recommended that you switch to first person prior to entering the memory lounger. Otherwise you will be stuck in third person until the simulation is over, making navigation and interaction somewhat more tedious.
  • When the player character interacts with a character or object, the scene will freeze and Kellogg will start to monologue about them. The player can activate them again to get him to stop and resume the scene.
  • Oddly, during the scene with Kellogg and the Institute scientist, the three synths will look in the direction of the player character, and continue to follow him as he moves around the room.
  • Sometimes, if you have completed The Memory Den quest before this one, Kellogg and the two Institute scientists will still be labeled as "Mysterious person", as they were named in the former quest, despite the fact you know who they are by the time of Dangerous Minds.
  • Aside from the final scene, viewing the memories is not required and may be skipped by running to the next section of the neural pathway. After the final memory plays, one must use the television screen to exit, which does not enable until Amari finishes her monologue.
  • During the memory of Kellogg kidnapping Shaun, Doctor Amari will apologize for putting the player character through that horror again. This occurs whether or not the quest The Memory Den is complete. If the quest was completed, she will preface entering the memory with an "Oh God no, not again. I'll try to find another memory quickly, just try to endure it."
  • When the Courser (X6-88) and Shaun teleport during the memory, the player may get damaged by the teleporter's radius, if standing close enough.
  • In the last scene Shaun is sitting near 2 Surgical and 1 Tesla magazines.
  • Companions that are accompanying the player upon exiting the memory will have unique comments if the player character asks them their thoughts.
  • When you exit the memory lounger and head upstairs, there is a NPC that appears to be Deacon inside one of the loungers. You cannot interact with him. If Deacon has been met, he will not be present, confirming that it is in fact him.
  • There is a cut memory between the Vault 111 memory and the final memory. This depicted a scientist installing implants into Kellogg. There were two narrations of this missing memory:

(Kellogg): Turned out I was the only one to ever get these installed. At least that's the story I heard. Some kind of "complications" is all they would say. I suppose they didn't much care if something scrambled my brains. And anyway, by that point I wouldn't have let them take the implants out. I'd come to rely on them too much. And anyway, by that point I wouldn't have let them take the implants out. I'd come to rely on them too much. Which, looking back, is probably one of the reasons they agreed to it in the first place. Give them some leverage over me.

(Scientist): This was my reward for the Vault job. I'd starting getting implants a few years back but only minor stuff. This was the full deal - the cutting-edge tech they didn't usually let out of the lab. I volunteered for everything. I figured I didn't have anything to lose. Besides, this was kind of their thing. Like killing people was my thing. Why not see what they could do for me?

  • Nick Valentine will automatically exit power armor when he is going to use Kellog's implant.
  • During the scene with 3 Institute's synths, the weapons can be loot after Kellog kill them. Doing so will make player become visible.


  • pcIcon pc ps4Icon ps4 xboxoneIcon xboxone Rarely in the same scene, you can pick up one of the first two rifles dropped and keep it after exiting if it spawns with non-standard modifications. [verified]
  • pcIcon pc ps4Icon ps4 xboxoneIcon xboxone Shortly after finishing exploring Kellogg's memories, the objective may not register complete. A door icon will be seen underneath Doctor Amari's office, and is inaccessible. Reloading a previous save seems to be the only way to fix this. [verified]
    • This bug may be triggered by picking up the Institute synth weapons during the memory sequence. Reloading the save and not picking up any weapons during the memory sequence should prevent it from triggering.
  • pcIcon pc If you try to explore the memories, sometimes (seen during the wastelanders kill request memory and later) even after the end of exploring the area, the screen may freeze and the Kellogg and the environment will not move/talk but the player is able to proceed further and explore the other memories. [verified]
  • pcIcon pc If Nick has power armor equipped during this quest, after he exits it, all parts will be marked as owned. [verified]


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