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Popular with beatniks and intellectuals before the Great War, Daddy-O raises Intelligence and Perception, but lowers Charisma, for a limited period of time.

— Loading screen hint

Daddy-O is a very rare consumable item in Fallout 4.


When the Sino-American War began to intensify and shift more and more towards becoming "total war" a fair amount of cultural stagnation took place. This can be seen throughout the Wasteland in the persistent 50's and 60's styles of devices despite their advanced technological qualities. Daddy-O is just one of the iconic products of this time since it combines late-2000's technology with the antimaterialistic, countercultural ideology shared by many youths of the time.

Daddy-O is a synthetic hallucinogen with bright coloration much like dimethyltryptamine (DMT). In real life DMT was one of the most popular drugs in the hippie movement, but since Americans in Fallout never really developed much culturally after the war began hippie culture never materialized fully. Instead though, some of the characteristics that were present in hippie culture like antiwar sympathy, pseudo-intellectualism, and possibly even communistic idealism surfaced in the already championed beatnik culture of the time. Drug use among people affiliated with beat culture was notably prevalent in the form of marijuana and hallucinogens that were thought to expand the mind like peyote, ayahuasca, etc. However, there were more hardcore users that demanded a stronger intravenous drug option, and so Daddy-O placed itself as the most potent hallucinogen around. The appeal behind this drug was that it could help someone open themselves to alternate realities and philosophical ideas while making life immediately around the user seem more vivid, but trying to hold a conversation with someone under its effects is next to impossible.[citation needed]


Daddy-O is a small syringe with two vials filled with a bright orange liquid inside. According to terminal entries in-game, the drug is popular with beatniks and intellectuals of the time.


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