Gametitle-FO3 PL
Gametitle-FO3 PL
Icon cut contentThe following is based on developer test content cut from Fallout 3 and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

DLC04zTestJesse is a test cell in Point Lookout that can only be accessed by using console commands. The console commands to enter these rooms are COC <cell name>, as it can only be accessed by console commands it must also be exited this way (i.e. COC PointLookoutStart).


The cell features various sized rooms. In the second room that joins the large room containing the COC Marker, there are three electrical switches. Activating them does nothing.

A third small room adjoining the second contains the following two items;

Name EditorID Notes
Sequence Note - Aviary Spy Bunker DLC04FF05AviarySequence Cryptochromatic Sequence:


Cryptochromatic spectacles DLC04FF05SpyGlasses H:150

AR:1.00 Val:8 W:0.0000

NOTE: Picking the spectacles up will activate the quest The Velvet Curtain through the execution of the script DLC04SpyGlassesScript.


DLC04zTestJesse appears in the game files of Point Lookout (add-on) but should not be considered canon because it is a test cell.