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Gametitle-FO3 PL

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DLC04Marg00AboutYouTopLvl I want to know more about you. Neutral 50 Why, I'm just folk. What more is there? 1
DLC04MargAboutYouOrangeFeverAbout How bad is Orange Fever? Neutral 50 Nothing you can catch, if that's what you were wondering. Marsh folk catch it all the time. Lucky my family has a special still pot for tonic-makin'. 2
DLC04MargAboutYouPtLookout What do you think of Point Lookout? Neutral 50 Things aren't wonderful, but I reckon it's hard all around. 3
Neutral 50 My family's lived hereabouts since well before the War, and I reckon we'll be here a long time yet. 4
DLC04MargAboutYouStillObservation Did you build that still yourself? Neutral 50 That old thing's been in my family for years and years. 5
Neutral 50 Well before the bombs, there was a time folks couldn't get no tonic by law, and my family did okay helping them get what they needed. 6
DLC04MargAboutYouWhyPlayingSick Why did you fake being sick? Neutral 50 Here I thought you were a quick one. 7
Neutral 50 Look, sweetie, I reckon you'd have shot me as soon as walked in here if you weren't a kind soul or at least an enterprising type. 8
DLC04MargChangeSubject Let's change the subject. Neutral 50 I thought you'd never ask. 9
DLC04MargMedSkillBackoff I'm sorry, I guess I just haven't heard of that illness. Maybe I can help. Neutral 50 I reckon you can, at that. I just need some help brewing up a little tonic. 10
DLC04MargMedSpchChall You're faking. We both know it. So let's just cut to the chase. Neutral 50 Well, I - oh, fine. Maybe you're no hogsfool, but I reckon we both come out better if you can help me cook up some tonic. 11
DLC04MargPlayerBelieveSickness Orange Fever? That sounds bad. Can I help? Neutral 50 Awful malady, I do swear. There's a tonic for it, but I reckon I'm not well enough to make it myself. 12
DLC04MargPlayerMedSkillSickness I've treated enough illnesses to know there's no such thing as Orange Fever. Neutral 50 Now that is just an awfully rude thing to say, sweetie. 13
DLC04MargPlayerSarcasticSickness Yeah? I've got the mauve plague. So let's just try not to cough on each other. Neutral 50 Well sweetie, even if you ain't got sympathy in your heart, I think you need the 'ol tonic as bad as me, even if'n you don't know it yet. 14
DLC04MargPlayingSick You're sick? What's the matter? Neutral 50 Reckon it's the Orange Fever. I do feel light in my head... 15
DLC04MargPlayingSickAlternate Oh boy, here we go... Neutral 50 Shouldn't tease somebody come down with Orange Fever, sweetie. 16
DLC04MargRepairAlreadyDone Actually, I already took care of it. Neutral 50 Well, I'll be. Here, let me give you something for your trouble. 17
DLC04MargRepairChallenge I'll get it working like new, but I want 200 caps. Neutral 50 I reckon you've got a deal, sweetie, but I'd better notice a difference in the tonic. 18
DLC04MargRepairFee I can fix it up. Let's call it 100 caps of work? Neutral 50 I reckon I can scrape that together. Go ahead and do what you can for it. 19
DLC04MargRepairNoCharge Yeah, I can fix it. No charge. Neutral 50 Aren't you a smart one? Sweeter tonic's better for both of us, after all. 20
DLC04MargRepairStillOffer Your still could stand to be fixed up. Neutral 50 Could it, now? I suppose you'd know how to see to that, wouldn't you? 21
DLC04Quest00TopLvl Has the tonic finished brewing? Neutral 50 Should be ready in a matter of hours. Check back soon. 22
What's the status on the tonic? Neutral 50 Brewin' low and slow, sweetie. Process takes about a day. Why don't you come back in a piece? 23
Can we make another batch of tonic? Neutral 50 You're an eager one, ain't ya? I have to let the still air out a few days between brews. Check back with me later. 24
Can we make another batch of tonic? Neutral 50 I reckon we can. Let's go over the ingredients again. 25
I'm ready. Let me know what you need for your tonic. Neutral 50 There aren't too many ingredients, but I brew large batches, so we need a good bit of each. 26
Neutral 50 We'll need Punga Fruit, Yeast, and some Fission Batteries - for that extra little kick. 27
Let's talk about the tonic. Neutral 50 We need to gather up the ingredients. 28
DLC04QuestBatteries Batteries? For extra "kick"? Neutral 50 You best keep this one to yourself, sweetie. The family tonic gets real kick from our secret ingredient. We just need a lil' bit of battery acid. 29
Neutral 50 Oh, don't look like that, now. 30
Neutral 50 You reckon I'd be around to tell you about it if it weren't safe enough? Bring me six fission batteries and I'll scrape 'em into the mix. 31
I've got batteries. Neutral 50 I thought so. Those things do carry a smell, don't they? Let me take 'em off your hands, then. 32
DLC04QuestPunga We need Punga Fruit? Neutral 50 Punga fruit and lots of it. The stuff those loonies make at the church is best. Ten of those will do, but might cost you. 33
Neutral 50 Wild fruit will do the trick, but you'll need twice as much of it. 34
We need Punga Fruit? Neutral 50 Yeah, ten from the growers at the cathedral, or twenty wild ones. 35
This enough Punga Fruit for you? Neutral 50 Well, that's quite a haul you have there, sweetie. You prefer to hand over the wild or the refined fruit? 36
This enough Punga Fruit for you? Neutral 50 Wild fruit, eh? Just as good, if a sight weaker for flavor. 37
This enough Punga Fruit for you? Neutral 50 I see you sprung for the refined fruit. Good for you, sweetie. 38
DLC04QuestPungaTurnIn01 Here, take ten of these refined Punga Fruit. Neutral 50 Sweet and ripe, too. These will do just fine. 39
DLC04QuestPungaTurnIn02 Twenty wild Punga Fruit, just for you. Neutral 50 Little scrawny, but they'll do. Thank you, sweetie. 40
DLC04QuestYeast You mentioned yeast? Neutral 50 Well, we'll need yeast. You can find it about anywhere, but there's a big stash on the boardwalk. Three sacks is enough. 41
I've got the yeast with me. Neutral 50 I see. Thank you kindly for these. 42
DLC04QuestzWaiting What now? Neutral 50 We got everything. Now we wait while it brews. Three days should do the trick. 43
What now? Neutral 50 Give me some time to brew. 44
DLC04Tonic00TopLvl Let's talk about this tonic. Neutral 50 Secret family technique, been so for generations. 45
Neutral 50 Help me brew some up by gatherin' ingredients. I'll share the batch to make it worth your while, and sweeten the deal with 300 caps. 46
Let's talk about this tonic. Neutral 50 Oh, you're gonna love it, sweetie. Just you wait. 47
DLC04TonicQuestAccept Okay, I'll bite. What do we need? Neutral 50 This and that. Let me know when you want to work out the details. 48
DLC04TonicQuestReject Not interested right now. Sorry. Neutral 50 That's a righteous shame, but the offer stands. You just say the word, hon. 49
DLC04TonicQuestSample What is this stuff, anyway? Neutral 50 Tell you what - have a bit. This is left over from an old batch, but should be a swig or two there. More'n enough to loosen you up, I wager! 50
DLC04TonicReallyCureQuery Does this tonic really cure anything at all? Neutral 50 Oh, just about whatever ails you, sweetie! A real cure-all. Say, I don't reckon you're the dry type, is you? Oh, nevermind. 51
DLC04TonicWhyHelpYou Why exactly should I help you, again? Neutral 50 Well, I don't rightly expect you to help me out of goodness, though I welcome you to prove me wrong, sweetie. 52
Neutral 50 When we brew this batch of tonic up, you'll have rights to a share for yourself, and a payday of 300 caps to boot. 53
GREETING Neutral 50 Good things, sweetie. Tonic's brewed and bottled. Here's your pay and cut of the batch. Enjoy it! 54
Neutral 50 Y'ain't have the look of a local, son. Think you could help a sick woman get on the mend? 55
Neutral 50 Y'ain't have the look of a local, young lady. Think you could help a sick woman get on the mend? 56
Neutral 50 You said you'd mend the still, sweetie. When did you plan on getting' to that, exactly? 57
Neutral 50 Thanks for mending the still, Sweetie. For this fee, the tonic had better taste like honey, though. 58
Neutral 50 Thanks for mending the still, Sweetie. You're a peach. 59
Neutral 50 Thanks for mending the still, Sweetie. Here's your pay. 60
Neutral 50 Well, if it ain't my favorite out of towner. 61
SpeechChallengeFailure SpeechChallengeFailure Neutral 50 *cough* No, sweetie, this is the Orange Fever, and unless I get somebody to help me whip up some tonic, I'm as good as dust for the grave. 62
SpeechChallengeFailure Neutral 50 Well, we got a bargainer here, haven't we? No, dear, it brews just fine as it is, thank you. 63

Conversation Edit

GOODBYE I have to go now. Neutral 50 Don't be a stranger, now. 64
HELLO HELLO Neutral 50 My, my. Look at you. 65
HELLO Neutral 50 You findin' your way around, sweetie? 66