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This is a transcript for dialogue with Obadiah Blackhall.

Topics Edit

DLC04ObaBlackHall00TopLvl Tell me about Blackhall Manor. Neutral 50 I don't suppose there's any harm indulging you. What interests you? {Elderly - Player has appealed to his vanity} 1
DLC04ObaBlackHallArchitecture How old is this place? Neutral 50 Hundreds of years, and still standing strong. You're within a fine example of Victorian architecture, my friend. 2
DLC04ObaBlackHallFamily Your family is named after this place? Neutral 50 Just as much as it's named after us, I suppose. We took the Blackhall name when we arrived on these shores, generations before the Great War. {elderly, preachy.} 3
Neutral 50 We do well to remember history, particularly in this dark time. {elderly. preachy.} 4
DLC04ObaCellarQuery01 I usually hide my bodies in the river, but this is nice, too. Neutral 50 We are nothing alike. More so than you could ever comprehend. Go now, and never return. 5
DLC04ObaCellarQuery02 I thought this occult nonsense was below you. Neutral 50 Don't play at what you misunderstand, troglodyte. Get out. 6
DLC04ObaCellarQuery03 Shouldn't be here. Roger that, I'm out of here. Anger 50 So leave, then. {elderly, dismissive} 7
DLC04ObadiahBookReply01 The Krvibi had it, I took it, and now she's dead. Fear 50 You have it? God help us; you do. That damned book is back, and this time it'll be the death of me. 8
DLC04ObadiahBookReply02 <Show him the Book.> Fear 50 I'll be bloody well damned. She was right. It's back. 9
DLC04ObadiahBookReply03 I'm sorry, Obadiah, but it's true. The book is here, with me. Pained 50 I... I see. Friend, this book is the bane of my Family. Now it seems it will be the death of us, too. 10
DLC04ObadiahDestroyBook01 There must be something we can do. We have the book. Pained 50 I fear the Blackhalls are lost. The only thing left to do is to destroy this evil book, and spare the world further harm. 11
Sad 50 I've got to do what Constance should have done in the first place. There's a way to destroy the damned thing, though I will not survive it. 12
DLC04ObadiahDestroyBook01a Wait, what? You're going to kill yourself? Neutral 50 I... I can't explain it, but I know what I must do. I'm the last Blackhall. 13
DLC04ObadiahDestroyBook02 That can't be the only way to destroy it. Neutral 50 There is... another option. I could never make the journey myself, though. North, far to the north. {almost speaking to himself. Thinking out loud.} 14
Neutral 50 Constance had a brother, Richard Dunwich. He was a wealthy businessman outside of the city to the north, had a company building there. 15
Neutral 50 His obsession with the occult was as great as her own, and there's an object of great evil in that building. The book has been drawn to it before. 16
Neutral 50 To take the book there would destroy it. You would have to take that journey, though, and you must not fail if you attempt it. 17
DLC04ObadiahEvilBookMarcellaDead They killed her, Obadiah. I'm sorry. Surprise 50 Marcella? Why? She's done nothing to them! 18
Marcella said something about the Krivbeknih. I'm supposed to go look for it. Neutral 50 I see. Do what Marcella asks, and pray she's wrong about this. 19
I haven't seen her yet. Anger 50 What good are you, then? Take her that letter; she's the only person who might know how to help me. 20
DLC04ObadiahEvilBookn01 She asked me to steal the Krivbeknih. When I returned, she was dead. Surprise 50 Impossible! That book's been lost to us for generations. You two must have been mistaken. 21
DLC04ObadiahEvilBookn02 They may have killed her twice. It was pretty messy. Neutral 50 Spare me the details, you goon. 22
DLC04ObadiahExplainSacrifice What are you talking about? Neutral 50 This isn't some ordinary book we can toss in a fire and be done with. I can destroy it here and now, but the ritual requires a sacrifice. 23
Neutral 50 They'll kill me anyway. Now that they've possessed the book, they'll do anything to get it back. 24
DLC04ObadiahRitualAccept I'll do it, Obadiah. There's no reason for you to die. Surprise 50 My friend! This is a truly noble thing you do. You mustn't fail, that book brings nothing but misery and madness to the world. 25
DLC04ObadiahRitualRefuse I'm sorry, I think you have to do this on your own. Pained 50 Yes, yes. You're right, of course. I... I guess I should begin right away. 26
DLC04ObaFolk00Toplvl You really seem to hate the swampfolk. Neutral 50 I suppose larceny isn't enough reason to hate? 27
DLC04ObaFolk01 Are they dangerous? Neutral 50 You must be new here if you don't know the answer to that by now. {elderly. Sarcastic} 28
Neutral 50 Yes, they're dangerous. They shoot at, smash or try to eat anything that isn't them, and half the time they shoot at each other. 29
Neutral 50 They may have been men once, but no more. {elderly. Disapproving} 30
DLC04ObaFolk02 Do you mean those people living in the old Cathedral? Disgust 50 No, not them. That lot wants for brains, but they're at least somewhat civilized. The swampfolk have no creed, no morals. 31
DLC04ObaFolk03 Why did they take your book? Neutral 50 They think the book has a kind of occult power. Superstition and nonsense, of course. 32
DLC04ObaIntroA01 The house looked abandoned, I just wandered in. Neutral 50 Well, Blackhall Manor isn't abandoned; not yet. At least have the grace to come speak with her owner properly. 33
DLC04ObaIntroA02 I was just admiring the architecture. I didn't mean any offense. Surprise 50 You're in Blackhall Manor. This isn't a tourist attraction, but I appreciate your good taste. Come, let's talk. 34
DLC04ObaIntroA03 Nice curtains. Could you try not to bleed on them when I kill you? Neutral 50 Tough, are you? Good, I might have use for that. Come, let's talk. 35
DLC04ObaIntroB01 I couldn't agree more. Neutral 50 I'm glad you think so. Conversation is but one of the virtues that separates us from cretins like those swampfolk. 36
Neutral 50 Swampfolk who, I should mention, absconded with a book, a precious family heirloom. I wanted to ask you, friend; will you get it back? 37
DLC04ObaIntroB02 Not really, I usually bludgeon first and ask questions never. Neutral 50 Ha! Spoken like a true roughneck. That's good. I could use a person of mettle like yourself. You see, a family heirloom of mine has been stolen. 38
Neutral 50 This heirloom - a book - has been stolen by those swampfolk cretins. Smash some heads, bring it back, get paid. What do you say? 39
DLC04ObaKrivGiveBook You have the caps, you get the book. Neutral 50 Yes, yes, of course. Here's your errand fee. Now, give it to me! 40
DLC04ObaKrivKeepBook I haven't decided what I'm going to do with it yet. Neutral 50 Surely you're not considering giving it to Marcella? Come now, the woman can't rub two caps together. Give it to me and be paid. 41
I haven't decided what I'm going to do with it yet. Neutral 50 There's no reason in your keeping that book - my book! Talk to me again when you've come to your senses. 42
DLC04ObaMarcellaDied01 Marcella's dead, actually. I figured you had something to do with that. Surprise 50 Can't say that I did, but that's all the more reason you should give the book to me. {elderly. surprised but not remorseful} 43
DLC04ObaMarcellaDied02 Marcella's dead, you callous prick. Neutral 50 Forgive my indiscretion. Still, with her death I see no reason for you to keep hold of that book. For all you know, the same fate may befall you. 44
DLC04ObaMarcellaTopic A woman named Marcella told me to bring her the book. Neutral 50 Ah, Marcella. A religious fanatic in her own right. Don't believe anything the woman says; her mind is as addled as those inbred swampfolk. 45
DLC04ObaQuest00TopLvl So, you wanted help getting your book back? Neutral 50 Yes, a task for which I think you'll be superlatively qualified. Do you accept? 46
What should I be doing? Neutral 50 Don't be daft. You agreed to retrieve my book. With more haste than this, I would have thought. 47
Neutral 50 You need to head for the ritual site east of the boardwalk, and expect a fight. {elderly, pushy.} 48
DLC04ObaQuestAccept Okay. I'll get your book. Neutral 50 Good. The fools who stole it believe it has powers, so the thing is probably well-guarded. 49
Neutral 50 There's a ritual site east of the boardwalk, in the basement of a ruined house. I think you'll find it there. Bring it back to me, and be paid. 50
DLC04ObaQuestReject Not interested. Neutral 50 The offer stands for now, though I won't abstain from soliciting other help. 51
DLC04ObaQuestWhatPayment What do I get in the bargain? Neutral 50 Cash, plain and simple. Return with the book and I'll pay you a thousand caps. No questions asked. 52
DLC04TalkSomethingElse Let's talk about something else. Neutral 50 What else do you want to discuss? 53
GREETING Anger 50 You shouldn't be here. Get out of my home. {elderly. Seriously angry.} 54
Disgust 50 You were paid for your errand. Leave my home. Now. 55
Anger 50 Keep your distance. What are you doing in my house? 56
Neutral 50 Good, good. People should be able to sit and have a conversation, especially in times like these. {elderly, attempting to manipulate player} 57
Neutral 50 Civil discourse; the greatest of our lost arts. Wouldn't you agree? 58
Surprise 50 The book. You've found it. Quickly, give it to me. 59
Surprise 50 We had a bargain, roughneck. Hand the book over and collect your fee. 60
Disgust 50 Shouldn't you be halfway to the ritual site by now? {elderly, a little annoyed.} 61
Neutral 50 Well, what can I do for you now? {elderly, a bit impatient} 62
Neutral 50 Have you seen Marcella? What did she have to say? 63

Conversation Edit

GOODBYE I have to go now. Neutral 50 Don't get yourself killed. 64
HELLO HELLO Neutral 50 Ug-Qualtoth is returned. Be afraid, worms. {elderly, to himself.} 65
HELLO Neutral 50 You are not welcome in this place. {elderly, affronted} 66
HELLO Neutral 50 Our business is at an end. Leave this place. 67
HELLO Neutral 50 Would it have killed you to wipe your feet? 68
HELLO Neutral 50 Try not to get the filth on you while you're out there. 69
HELLO Neutral 50 You should have seen this place thirty years ago. 70