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This is a transcript for dialogue with Croatoa.

Topics Edit

DLC04AboutLeader Who leads this tribe? Happy 50 Look to Jackson. He is the one who knows. 1
Neutral 50 But do not strain to see him here. Jackson is away. 2
DLC04AboutMansion Why did you attack the mansion? Neutral 50 That hill is holy. It must be cleared. Jackson told us this. 3
Neutral 50 Some went to fight. I stayed with Punga. 4
Neutral 50 Punga does not fight. Punga grows where it can. Punga knows what is important. 5
DLC04AboutPunga How do you get so much Punga Fruit to grow here? Happy 50 Punga grows strong. I help Punga grow stronger. 6
Happy 50 Punga understands me. I understand Punga. 7
Happy 50 That is all it needs to be. 8
DLC04AboutTribals What does this tribe do? Neutral 50 We dream. Dream of a better world, not falling apart like ours. 9
Neutral 50 And when we find a dream that makes us forget this world, we dream that we do not have to wake up. 10
DLC04Croatoa1A I love digging in the dirt, but I never can get anything to grow right. Happy 50 It feels good to work with dirt, doesn't it? Some people call it work, but they don't understand. 11
Neutral 50 Take my shovel. It has seen much use, and much dirt. Maybe it will help you? 12
Neutral 50 But be careful not to cut yourself with it. It can make you sick. 13
Can you share your secret to getting them to grow? Happy 50 I do not know if this is a secret, but I have always used this shovel. It has seen much work, and much dirt. 14
Neutral 50 If it helps, have it. But be careful not to cut yourself. It can make you sick. 15
Do you have some secret farming trick? Happy 50 Patience, friend. Only patience. 16
DLC04Croatoa1B Guess you and plants think alike, huh? Happy 50 Maybe. We are both simple. But simple is not the same as stupid. 17
DLC04JacksonLocation Where can I find Jackson? Sad 50 Not here? 18
GREETING Neutral 50 Please wait until my meditations are complete. 19
Neutral 50 A moment, please. 20
Neutral 50 Pardon me while I commune with the higher planes. 21
Surprise 50 You are new! And you are welcome! 22
Happy 25 I am Croatoa. I am not so new. 23
Neutral 50 Yes? 24
Happy 50 Be at peace. 25
Happy 50 Rest awhile, friend. 26
Happy 50 Unburden your mind. 27
Happy 50 Relax. 28
SpeechChallengeFailure Can you share your secret to getting them to grow? Neutral 50 My only secret is patience. If I could share it with you, I would. 29

Conversation Edit

HELLO HELLO Neutral 50 Learn from the Punga. Accept simplicity. 30
HELLO Neutral 50 Embrace the simple things in life. 31
HELLO Happy 50 New girl, you try too hard. Be calm. 32
HELLO Neutral 50 Be at peace. {mumbled, as if half awake} 33
HELLO Neutral 50 Go past the flesh. {mumbled, as if half awake} 34
HELLO Neutral 50 Transcend. {mumbled, as if half awake} 35
HELLO Neutral 50 Mind at ease. {mumbled, as if half awake} 36
HELLO Neutral 50 Escape to the mind. {mumbled, as if half awake} 37
HELLO Neutral 50 <sigh> {quiet, long sigh like someone almost asleep} 38

Combat Edit

Attack Attack Anger 50 Sleep forever! 39
Attack Anger 50 Return to dust! 40
Attack Anger 50 Death to the unenlightened! 41
Attack Anger 50 Impure! 42
Attack Anger 50 You will feed the Punga! 43
Death Death Neutral 50 At last... 44
Death Neutral 50 To dream... 45