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This is a transcript for dialogue with Gerard as a human.

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DLC03AboutApostles Tell me about your order. Happy 50 Ah, the Apostles of the Eternal Light were first introduced to the majesty of Atom's Glow by the holy teachings of Confessor Cromwell. {Slightly rapturous, as if reciting by rote} 1
Happy 50 And we were content to stay in Cromwell's Church, until Atom gave a vision unto our Luminous Mother. {Slightly rapturous, as if reciting by rote} 2
Happy 50 She learned that Atom did not call for Division, that sundering which drives us apart. Atom calls for Enlightenment, the warmth which feeds us. {Slightly rapturous, as if reciting by rote} 3
Happy 75 For it is only through Atom's supreme and total Enlightenment that we may attain salvation in Eternal Light. {Slightly rapturous, as if reciting by rote} 4
DLC03AboutHolyWater Where did you get your water? Happy 50 Our Luminescent Mother went to meditate outside of the city, and as she wandered in a trance, she was visited by Atom's angels of war. {Slightly rapturous, as if reciting by rote} 5
Happy 25 These angels brought her "Aqua Pura." Water so pure, so pristine, and so unsullied that she knew it would make the perfect vessel for Atom's Glow. {Slightly rapturous, as if reciting by rote} 6
Happy 50 Since that day, she has busied herself consecrating Atom's pure water into the Waters of Light. {Slightly rapturous, as if reciting by rote} 7
DLC03GerardMeeting1A The Apostles of Eternal Light? Is that just you? Happy 50 No, no. Ours is a modest order, but our ranks are growing slowly, as others hear our words and are Enlightened. 8
Happy 50 As our Luminescent Mother says, "Where others walk only in the dying waste, we offer the path of eternal light." 9
Happy 25 And to spread goodwill, we offer this holy water to any and all supplicants. 10
DLC03GerardMeeting1B Thanks, but I'll pass. I've had bad luck with cults. Sad 25 As you wish, of course. In this cruel world, simple prudence says he who offers help in one hand, conceals a knife in the other. 11
Happy 25 But I assure you, we wish only to help the unfortunate, and expose them to the eternal light that can guide us all to salvation. 12
Neutral 50 That is why we offer our blessed water to any and all who are athirst. 13
DLC03GerardMeeting2A I'm sure you mean well, but this has to stop. Anger 25 Stop helping the needy? I don't think so. And even if I did, it's not my decision to make. 14
Neutral 50 Blessing of the holy water is overseen by Mother Curie the Third, our Luminescent Mother. And she's far too busy to speak with outsiders. 15
DLC03GerardMeeting2B You know this water is full of radiation, right? Happy 25 It's full of Atom's Light, if that's what you mean. Brighter and warmer than any water I've ever seen before. {Slightly rapturous when talking about Atom's Light} 16
Happy 50 Blessing of the holy water is overseen by Mother Curie III, our Luminescent Mother. But her work keeps her busy within the monastery at all times. 17
DLC03GerardMeeting2C Spreading tainted water under the guise of helping humanity? I can relate. Happy 50 What you see as the "taint" of radiation, we see as Atom's Eternal Light. 18
Sounds like a nice little setup you've got. Have fun poisoning people! Disgust 25 Laugh if you want, but our good deeds shall not be corrupted by your cynicism. We will continue to help the needy. {Dismissing the player as a cynic} 19
Happy 50 Blessing of the holy water is overseen by Mother Curie III, our Luminescent Mother. And she works tirelessly in our monastery to Enlighten the world! 20
DLC03GerardRadEntry I need to enter the monastery. Surprise 30 Ah, but of course! You have been blessed by Atom with Eternal Light, and are most welcome to our monastery. 21
Happy 50 You will find many kindred spirits within. Please, introduce yourself to our leader, our Luminescent Mother, Curie the Third. 22
I need to enter the monastery. Sad 15 I'm afraid it is not open to the unenlightened. Your presence would contaminate our great works. 23
Happy 35 However, if you are willing to be baptized in Atom's holy Light, then perhaps I could allow you to enter and meet our leader. 24
Look, I'm not going to irradiate myself to get into your church. Sad 15 I'm sorry, but I must insist. You simply cannot be allowed on holy ground without knowing Atom's Light. 25
Neutral 50 Where you see radiation, we see humanity's salvation. And we can hardly allow the unsaved into our holy monastery, now can we? 26
Happy 100 You may supplicate to Atom your desire for enlightenment at our Tabernacle. All may bask in the Eternal Light. All may be filled with the Glow. 27
There. I've gotten a little irradiated. Can I go in now? Neutral 50 Ah, I can feel the Light within you. By all means, you are welcome in our sanctuary. 28
Neutral 50 Please, speak with our leader, our Luminescent Mother, Curie the Third. 29
Come on, I'm irradiated. Let me in now. Neutral 50 You have been marked, but I feel your dedication is still too weak. Our holy site is only open to the truly blessed. 30
Neutral 50 Perhaps after you have spent more time praying to Atom in warmth, you will be deemed worthy. 31
I am consumed with Atom's Light. Let me into your monastery. Surprise 50 Oh, truly your Light is second only to the Suns of Atom themselves! You are more than welcome. 32
Neutral 50 Please, speak with our leader, our Luminescent Mother, Curie the Third. 33
DLC03GerardRadEntry2A You mean I have to be irradiated to be allowed inside? Neutral 50 Yes, call it what you will. We simply will not allow any who do not bear the Light. 34
Neutral 50 Make your way to our Tabernacle, pilgrim. Pray to Atom to fill you with Holy Radiance. Bask in the Glow of Atom's Eternal Light. 35
DLC03GerardRadEntry2B Okay, I tried asking nice. Let's do this the hard way! Sad 50 Must it really come to this? So be it. 36
DLC03StopApostles Your "holy water" is poisoned with radiation. Anger 25 No, it's full of Atom's Light. It's a tragedy that not everyone is prepared to accept Enlightenment, but such are the ways of the divine. {Testy} 37
Happy 15 Besides, we never force anyone to drink it. We simply give the opportunity to those who thirst for something more. {Passive-aggressively trying to blame the poisoned victims} 38
DLC03WQ03HolyFEV Wait a minute... are you saying this "Holy Water" is irradiated Aqua Pura? Disgust 50 That is what the unbelievers from that so called "Project Purity" call it before we fill it with Atom's Holy Light. {with disdain} 39
DLC03WQ03HolyFEVA Oh... I've made a huge mistake... Happy 50 Nonsense! The Eternal Light is faultless and blameless. It cleanses our bodies as it cleanses our transgressions. 40
Happy 100 Walk in Atom's Glow, and you have nothing to worry about. 41
DLC03WQ03HolyFEVB I can't believe you made me drink that crap. I had no idea. You're so dead. Surprise 50 I "made" you do nothing. You chose to imbibe the Waters of Light of your own volition. A choice most wise, indeed. 42
Disgust 50 As for your threats to my person, I fear not. I am aglow with Atom's Holy Light. You may do violence to this vessel, but my spirit is inviolable. 43
Happy 100 I shall smite thee, heathen. Atom fill me! {a battle cry} 44
DLC03WQ03Megaton You'll see the true power of Atom when I detonate that bomb in Megaton. Surprise 50 Oh... Is that truly possible? Yes, that would purge all of Megaton in Atom's Holy Fire. I shall pray for your success! {shocked but intrigued} 45
GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Walk in Atom's Holy Glow. 46
GREETING Happy 50 Weary traveler, welcome to the monastery of the Apostles of the Eternal Light. 47
Surprise 50 Oh, but you must be parched from your travels! Please, accept this gift: holy water, blessed by our order. 48
Happy 50 We must drink deep of the Water of Light, so that it may sanctify our tongues, and render us purified for discourse! 49
GREETING Happy 50 Ah, I can see the glint of Atom's Light in your eyes! You have purified your tongue with the holy water, so now we may speak. 50
Happy 100 How may this servant of the Eternal Light serve you? 51
GREETING Happy 50 You must cleanse your tongue of unseemly speech by drinking deep of the holy water. Then we may speak. 52
GREETING Happy 50 Cleanse your tongue with the holy water. For we must speak with seemly tongues when we make mention of Atom's Light. 53
GREETING Happy 50 May Atom light your path, traveler. 54
GREETING Happy 50 Welcome to our monastery. 55