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This is a transcript for dialogue with Sarah Lyons during Broken Steel.

Topics Edit

DLC03BS3SarahPlatform01 I'll say! You look much better. Neutral 50 Well, we both have the Pride to thank for that. Without them, we'd both be dead. 1
Neutral 50 But enough about me. You've done one hell of an outstanding job out here, soldier. A hell of a job! 2
Happy 100 Now it's time to do my job and to get your ass onto this Vertibird before it goes up like a nuke. {accent on "my"} 3
DLC03BS3SarahPlatform02 Not really. Your father said you'd pull through. Neutral 50 He's told me everything you've done and the sacrifices your family's made for the sake of the Wasteland. 4
Neutral 50 All I can say is that you've done one hell of an outstanding job out here, soldier. A hell of a job! 5
Neutral 50 Now it's time to do my job and to get your ass onto this Vertibird before it goes up like a nuke. 6
DLC03BS3SarahPlatform03 Actually, I completely forgot about you. Disgust 90 Still got that annoying sense of humor, huh? 7
Neutral 50 Doesn't matter. You've done one hell of an outstanding job out here, soldier. 8
Neutral 50 Now it's my turn. It's my pleasure to order your ass onto the Vertibird before this whole place gets blown to hell. 9
DLC03BS3SarahPlatform04 Anything you say. We can talk back at the Citadel. Fear 100 Hurry, the orbital strike will be coming down any moment now. 10
DLC03BS3SarahPlatform05 Yes, ma'am! Disgust 100 Quickly, just get on board before those missiles level this place! 11
DLC03BS3SarahPlatform06 Okay, okay... I'm coming. Anger 100 Get the lead out, soldier! This place is about to get flattened! 12
DLC03PQTLBoSJob Is there anything else I can do to help the Brotherhood? Neutral 50 Well, the Pride's got the downtown area pretty well covered. 13
Happy 90 You may want to talk to Paladin Tristan or Scribe Rothchild. They may have something for you to do. Good luck! 14
DLC03PQTLBrotherhood So, what happens to the Brotherhood now? Neutral 50 If you think this means the Pride has nothing to do anymore, you're crazy. 15
Neutral 50 We've still got the damn Frankensteins crawling all over D.C. and Rothchild's got us picking up every blinking gizmo from here to Virginia. 16
Happy 90 Quite a bit of work cut out for us, eh? 17
DLC03PQTLEnclave So, have we totally wiped out the Enclave? Neutral 50 My father says we need to watch the borders for them to send reinforcements, but I think it'll be a long time before anything happens. 18
Neutral 50 We dealt them a hell of a blow and it's going to take them a good amount of time to recover. 19
DLC03PQTLPride What's next for the Pride? Neutral 50 Father is sending us into D.C. to scour the ruins and try and cleanse it of Super Mutants. 20
Sad 90 He's calling it "our next great obstacle." Sometimes I wish we could just take a rest. 21
Neutral 50 But I have to keep a stiff upper lip and help the machine run smoothly, so that's what I'm going to do. 22
GREETING GREETING Anger 90 Come on, soldier. Move like you've got a purpose and get aboard! 23
GREETING Anger 90 Move, move. Get on the Vertibird! 24
GREETING Happy 50 Surprised to see me? 25
GREETING Neutral 50 When I first saw you long ago in that alley in Chevy Chase, I thought you were just some trashy Wastelander. I'm glad I was wrong. 26
Sad 90 My father thinks the world of you... and so do I. If things were different, maybe we could have had time to become friends... {Trail off at the end as if almost embarrassed} 27
Happy 100 Anyway... I wish you the best of luck and I hope you stick around for a while. We need people like you to help us finish what we've started here! 28
GREETING Neutral 50 Hey there. What did you need? 29

Conversation Edit

DLC03SarahAngry DLC03SarahAngry Anger 100 You bastard! I'll make you PAY for this! You hear me?! PAY! {Absolutely livid... player just killed your father.} 30
GOODBYE I have to go now. Happy 90 Always a pleasure to have you around... 31
HELLO HELLO Happy 100 Nice work, soldier... nice work. 32
HELLO Happy 100 What brings you back to the Citadel? 33
HELLO Happy 100 You look like you've seen some travel. Stop and talk with me a moment. 34