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Gametitle-FO3 BS
Gametitle-FO3 BS
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This is a transcript for dialogue with the Enclave soldier in Enclave soldier log.

Topics Edit

DLC03AudioLDAFBEnclave01 DLC03AudioLDAFBEnclave01 Neutral 50 Where is it, where is it...god damnit where is...there we go...<grunts> Ahh yes! ...Prime you big son of a tin bitch, you're gonna die. {Enclave soldier addicted to psycho and is taking as much as he can before heading to the big fight. <grunts> is him taking a shot of psycho} 1
Surprise 50 What? You kidding me?...Already?...<grunts>...OK, OK, OK...lot of shit going on...<grunts>...Prime, you better be there you bastard...<grunts>... {Enclave soldier addicted to psycho and is taking as much as he can before heading to the big fight. <grunts> is him taking a shot of psycho} 2
Happy 50 ...shit, how is this thing on? {Realizes his recorder has been on this whole time and turns it off.} 3
DLC03AudioLDAFBEnclave02 DLC03AudioLDAFBEnclave02 Neutral 50 Little Sister, I've stashed away a considerable amount of fuel behind the small building west of the Air Traffic Control Tower as you requested. 4
Neutral 50 The container's tucked away under some barrels and tires. And no, I couldn't safely confiscate an Incinerator for you, that's your job. 5
Neutral 50 I took too big a risk hiding that fuel for you in the first place. If you do come across an Incinerator, please be careful. 6
Neutral 50 Anyway, they're shipping me out to some relay station far west of here in the Wasteland. I'm afraid I won't be seeing you for awhile. 7
Neutral 50 Take care and good luck in all your endeavors. Your Big Brother. 8
DLC03AudioLDFFE02 DLC03AudioLDFFE02 Neutral 50 It's been confirmed. The Purifier has been activated. We've been ordered to fortify our current position and wait for orders. 9
Neutral 50 With a lull in the fighting, we set up and fortified our position outside the Capitol Building, near Seward Square. 10
Neutral 50 Things have been relatively quiet around here lately. That'll all change when word spreads of the purifier. 11
Neutral 50 Anyone and everyone will do whatever they can to get there hands on some of that water. For life or profit, it makes no difference. 12
Neutral 50 Same old killing, just a different ingredient. 13

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