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This is a transcript for dialogue with Wint.

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DLC03BS2WintDeathclawsA I'm not afraid of Deathclaws. Neutral 50 Yeah? Well then you're stupid. 1
Neutral 50 Where you think they're all comin' from, huh? Goddamn nest down here. 2
Neutral 50 Take it from me, kid. You stay down here, you're gonna die. 3
Neutral 50 But hey, it's your funeral, right? Me and Kidd, we're getting out of here. Figure the way you came's gotta be pretty clear if you're still alive. 4
DLC03BS2WintDeathclawsB If there are so many Deathclaws around, how'd you survive? Neutral 50 Heh. We ran faster than the others, that's how. 5
Neutral 50 Ain't nothin' honorable about it, but we're still alive and they ain't. I can live with that. 6
Neutral 50 Listen, this wasn't my fault, okay? It wasn't my idea to tunnel down here, I just went along with it. 7
Neutral 50 But whatever. What's done is done. Me and Kidd, we're getting out of here. You came in that way, that means we can get back out. 8
Neutral 50 See ya later, kid. 9
DLC03BS2WintDeathclawsC Why are you down here? Neutral 50 Look, this wasn't how it was supposed to go down. 10
Neutral 50 It was a good idea at the time, y'know? Figured we'd try and set ourselves up down here. Just like Underworld, only better. 11
Neutral 50 Who's gonna bother a bunch of ghouls living underneath Old Olney, right? So we get down here, we start knockin' some walls down... 12
Neutral 50 And the next thing you know we're getting our faces chewed off by Deathclaws. 13
DLC03BS2WintGreetA Who are you? What are you doing in here? Neutral 50 Hey, uhh... I'm Wint. This is Kidd. We're, well it's kind of a long story. 14
Neutral 50 Only thing that matters now is that we're trying to steer clear of the Deathclaws on account of not wantin' to be lunchmeat. 15
DLC03BS2WintGreetB Oh, great. Ghouls. I hate ghouls. Neutral 50 Yeah, nice to see you too. Listen, I'd love to chat but I'm kind of trying to avoid getting killed. {sarcastic} 16
Neutral 50 This place is crawlin' with Deathclaws, and they're always hungry. You'd do best to turn around and head back. 17
DLC03BS2WintGreetC I'm looking for Olney Powerworks. You know where that is? Neutral 50 Oh yeah, yeah. Sure thing. Just right through here. 18
Neutral 50 Only there's a few Deathclaws down here that might have other ideas. You know what I'm sayin'? 19
DLC03BS2WintHelpA Can you help me get to Olney Powerworks? Neutral 50 Help you? 20
Neutral 50 You kiddin' me, kid? We couldn't even help ourselves. Been stuck here for who knows how long. 21
Neutral 50 But hey, you got here in one piece, right? So now's our chance to get the hell outta here. 22
Neutral 50 You got any brains, you turn right around and go back the way you came. Otherwise, best of luck to ya! 23
DLC03BS2WintHelpB You're never going to make it. Neutral 50 Yeah, well. We're not gonna get a better chance than this, so we're gonna take it. 24
Neutral 50 Me and Kidd are getting the hell outta here. If you're not comin', then good luck to you. 25
DLC03BS2WintHelpC You're going to help me, or I'm going to kill you. Neutral 50 Haha, what? You serious? 26
Neutral 50 Okay, you know what? Fine. Go ahead. Way things have been workin' out, if you don't kill me they will. 27
Neutral 50 But I am getting out of this place. If that means you're gonna do me in, be my guest. 28
GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 What the...? 29
Neutral 50 How the hell'd you get in here, smoothskin? 30
GREETING Neutral 50 See you around, kid. 31