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Gametitle-FO3 BS
Gametitle-FO3 BS
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This is a transcript for dialogue with Jensen.

Topics Edit

DLC03EncounterFBPrisonerA1 Okay, you're free. Now what? Happy 100 Now I'm going to go kick some Talon Company ass! {with exaggerated bravado} 1
DLC03EncounterFBPrisonerA2 What are you doing here? Anger 100 The Brotherhood is getting ready for a little payback. We're tired of Talon Company ambushing our water caravans. {fiercly} 2
Neutral 50 I was scouting their base when I was captured -- all part of my plan of course. 3
Happy 50 Now that I've memorized all their guard positions and patrol routes, I just need to get out of here and report back to the rest of my squad. 4
Happy 50 Come on, help me escape! 5
DLC03EncounterFBPrisonerA3 I don't think so. Anger 100 Fine! I'll just have to escape on my own. Don't worry, it won't take me long. 6
GREETING GREETING Disgust 100 Don't you realize by now, you'll get nothing from me, you damn dirty merc! {sternly, to someone who's torturing him for information} 7
Surprise 100 Wait a minute... who are you? Hey, help me out of here! These Talon apes nabbed me while I was scouting the place. 8
GREETING Happy 50 I could probably free myself in a few more minutes, but why don't you save me the trouble and just let me loose? 9
GREETING Happy 50 Thanks, friend. But I've still got work to do. 10
GREETING Happy 100 Now that's what I call a good day's work. 11

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