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This is a transcript for dialogue with American war correspondent.

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DLC02FF009PhotoSay DLC02FF009PhotoSay Happy 75 All right boys, I'm going to make you famous. Get yourselves into a heroic pose. {grizzled war correspondent} 1
DLC02FF009PhotoSay Happy 75 Okay. That's it. Just like that. Hold still. {grizzled war correspondent} 2
DLC02FF009PhotoSay Happy 75 Excellent! The Capital Post thanks you! Who knows, maybe someone will turn this photo into a statue one day. {grizzled war correspondent} 3
DLC02FF009PhotoSay Happy 75 All right, you boys try not to die out there, okay? God bless you, and God bless the U.S. of A! {grizzled war correspondent} 4
GREETING GREETING Happy 75 Good luck, soldier. Everyone back home's rooting for you. Who knows, maybe your mug will end up on the front page of the Capital Post! {grizzled war correspondent} 5
GREETING Happy 75 Good luck, G.I. We're all counting on you! {grizzled war correspondent} 6