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This is a transcript for dialogue with Phantom.

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DLC01HavenResponse1A Trust me, I know how to work hard. Happy 10 I hope so, for your sake. You screw up down in the Mill, you just get a beating. It's harsh, but it heals. 1
Happy 35 But if you screw up when raiding a caravan, you get gutshot and bleed out in the dirt. So you better be as tough as you think you are. 2
Happy 50 But I do what I can to keep our mistakes from being too fatal. If you need to drop some rads, I'm here to help. 3
DLC01HavenResponse1B You really think you work harder than the slaves Downtown? Anger 25 Fuck yes, we do. Those lazy workers get food and board, and all they have to do is work the Mill and complain. 4
Anger 50 But we're the ones who go out on raids to get that food, and we're the ones getting shot at for their lazy asses. 5
Anger 65 So don't you get all weepy for those scabs Downtown. They don't know how easy they got it. 6
Neutral 50 But I do what I can to keep us all standing upright. If you need to drop some rads, I'm here to help. 7
DLC01SpecialOption2A I'm a little irradiated. I could use some help. Happy 50 Then say no more, friend. Can't share much, but this should do the trick. Use it in good health! 8
I'm still irradiated. I could use some more help. Neutral 50 Wish I could help you, but I'm all out for today. Just tough it out? 9
DLC01SpecialOption2B I'm fine, Phantom. Neutral 50 Okay. Watch yourself out there! 10
GREETING GREETING Happy 50 Hey, if it isn't the newest addition to our little family! 11
Happy 65 You hit the jackpot now, wizkid. You're in Ashur's army. Now's when the hard work really starts! 12
GREETING Happy 25 Feeling a little queasy? I got what you need. 13
GREETING Happy 25 Back again? How you feeling? 14
GREETING Happy 25 Keeping busy? Need a pick-me-up? 15