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Gametitle-FO3 TP
Gametitle-FO3 TP
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This is a transcript for dialogue with Mona.

Topics Edit

DLC01HavenResponse1A Not at all. Some of my best friends are Ghouls. Anger 75 Ghoul? Who're you calling a Ghoul? Get lost before I dump you in the river! 1
DLC01HavenResponse1B Whoa. What happened to you? Anger 50 Go take a swim in the river. You'll find out for yourself, asshole. 2

Dialouge Edit

DLC01HavenGuardsNoSandra DLC01HavenGuardsNoSandra Anger 50 Hey, that's Ashur's kid! Sound the alarm! 3
DLC01SpeechAnnouncement DLC01SpeechAnnouncement Neutral 50 All workers report to the Square. All workers report to the Square. 4
HELLO HELLO Happy 50 Well, if it ain't the new scum. Congrats on the promotion! 5
HELLO Neutral 25 Lord Ashur wants a word with you. Good luck. 6
HELLO Neutral 25 Hurry over to Haven, kid. 7
HELLO Happy 25 Ashur's looking forward to meeting you, champ. {A little congratulatory, a little sinister} 8
HELLO Neutral 50 Good knowin' ya, scab! 9
HELLO Neutral 50 Man, I can't believe Ashur opened up the arena again! 10
HELLO Neutral 50 This is gonna be some good shit, I tell ya! 11
HELLO Neutral 50 Go on! Fight! 12
HELLO Neutral 50 Nothin' I love more than watchin' grinders die in the Hole. 13
HELLO Neutral 50 You? Fight in the hole? Oh, I can't wait for this. 14
HELLO Disgust 50 Saw another run-away down by the shore. Well, most of one, anyway. Think the river monster got the rest of it. 15
HELLO Disgust 50 Hey, look. Cloudy and overcast again. Fucking Mill. 16
HELLO Disgust 50 Scram, before I mess your face up bad as mine. 17

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