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Gametitle-FO3 TP

Conversation Edit

GOODBYE I have to go now. Neutral 50 Okay, amigo. 1
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Okay, amiga. 2
I have to go now. Neutral 50 All right, man. Later. 3
I have to go now. Neutral 50 All right, girl. Later. 4
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Stay safe, brother. 5
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Stay safe, girl. 6
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Yup. Talk to you later. 7
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Yeah, me too. 8
HELLO HELLO Disgust 50 I'm fucking bored. 9
HELLO Disgust 50 Days like today make me want to fucking hang myself... 10
HELLO Disgust 50 Havin' fun yet? Damn, this day can't end soon enough. 11
HELLO Disgust 50 So guess what's going on today? Hey, let me give you a hint. Nothing. Man, I'd give my last pack of smokes for some action right about now. 12
HELLO Disgust 50 <yawn> A guy could die of fuckin' boredom in this place. You know what I mean? 13
HELLO Disgust 50 Man, the scabs ain't half as feisty as that last batch. At least when they fight back I get some fuckin' exercise. 14
HELLO Disgust 50 Does this look infected? 15
HELLO Disgust 50 Goddamn, what a boring day. I could go home, and these fucking scabs would keep on workin' anyway. What a waste of time. 16
HELLO Neutral 50 Nice work in the Hole, killer. 17
HELLO Neutral 50 I made good caps betting on you. 18
HELLO Neutral 50 Looks like you could pound a few skulls. 19
HELLO Happy 50 Quick little bastard, aren't you? 20
HELLO Disgust 15 What's up, prettyboy? {A little derisive} 21
HELLO Happy 25 Hey, sexy. {A little creepy, but not over-the-top} 22
PittRaiderTalk1 PittRaiderTalk1 Disgust 50 Tell me about it. 23
PittRaiderTalk1 Disgust 50 Yeah, no shit, huh? 24
PittRaiderTalk1 Disgust 50 I hear that, man. 25
PittRaiderTalk1 Disgust 50 I hear that, girl. 26
PittRaiderTalk1 Happy 50 He he he. Damn, man, you're starting to sound like me. Old and bitter. 27
PittRaiderTalk1 Happy 50 He he he. Damn, girl, you're starting to sound like me. Old and bitter. 28
PittRaiderTalk1 Disgust 50 I'd tell you to shut up and everything's great, but that'd make me a hypocrite. And I might be a lot of things, but I ain't no fuckin' hypocrite. 29
PittRaiderTalk2 PittRaiderTalk2 Happy 50 Hey, you remember that time you and me made that scab take off his clothes and run into the Steel Yard? Fucking Trogs tore him apart! Ha ha ha ha! 30
PittRaiderTalk2 Happy 50 Ashur needs to send us out on a good old fashioned raid. Like March of '73? Me, you and that strung-out Ghoul chick? Ha ha ha ha! 31
PittRaiderTalk2 Neutral 50 What I wouldn't give for a random Radscorpion attack. Those fuckers make for some good target practice... 32
PittRaiderTalk2 Neutral 50 Don't get me wrong - beatin' on the scabs is okay some days, but there's got to be more to life. Any ideas? 33
PittRaiderTalk2 Neutral 50 Sometimes I miss the early days, ya know? Shit was so unpredictable. Uprisings, Ghoul attacks. Kept a motherfucker on his toes. Now? Pfft. 34
PittRaiderTalk3 PittRaiderTalk3 Neutral 50 Know what we should do? Me and you? Get some leave time and get out of The Pitt for a few days. Head south into Paradise Falls. Somethin'... 35
PittRaiderTalk3 Neutral 50 Maybe I'll talk to Zubrowski or Diehl, get a card game going. Not exactly exciting, but it beats sitting around with our thumbs up our asses, right? 36
PittRaiderTalk3 Neutral 50 I was thinkin', maybe we could convince the boss man to have regular fights in the Hole. Shit, I'd go in, see what I'm made of. We could both do it. 37
PittRaiderTalk3 Neutral 50 Okay, how's this for a plan? I get hold of some of the Lord's private stash, and the two of us get wasted beyond all fuckin' belief. Yeah? 38
PittRaiderTalk3 Neutral 50 Hmmm... I'm getting an idea. Picture this... a Trog, three scabs, two live grenades... and a Brahmin. We take 'em out to the bridge, right? And... 39
PittRaiderTalk3 Neutral 50 Man, me and you need to get one of those uninfected scab whores, get her shitfaced, and just see what happens. 40
PittRaiderTalk4 PittRaiderTalk4 Neutral 50 Tell you what. You arrange for the two of us to have some fun, and then let me know. Until then... it's back to work. 41
PittRaiderTalk4 Neutral 50 Yeah, well, we'll see. Anyway, I got to get back to my shift. 42
PittRaiderTalk4 Neutral 50 Yeah! Yeah, that's a good idea. You get the ball rollin', and I'll check back with you tomorrow. Gotta get back to work now. 43
PittRaiderTalk4 Neutral 50 I like the way you think. Tell you what. I'll see what I can get stirrin' on my end too, and we'll catch up later. Now... back to the grind. 44
PittRaiderTalk4 Neutral 50 I'll do anything at this point. Another day of screamin' at scrubs and I'm gonna go fuckin' nuts. Speaking of which... duty calls. 45

Combat Edit

Attack Attack Neutral 50 All scabs die! {In a vicious fight.} 46
Attack Neutral 50 Die, grinder! {In a vicious fight.} 47
Attack Neutral 50 Get down, slave! {In a vicious fight.} 48
Attack Neutral 50 Sit! Back! Down! {In a vicious fight.} 49
Attack Neutral 50 Die, slave! {In a vicious fight.} 50
Attack Neutral 50 Fuckin' scumbags! {In a vicious fight.} 51
Attack Neutral 50 Put this fuckin' scab down! {In a vicious fight.} 52
Attack Neutral 50 It's the end for you! Haahahahaa! {In a vicious fight.} 53
Attack Neutral 50 Blood and steel! {In a vicious fight.} 54
Attack Neutral 50 Death! {In a vicious fight.} 55
Attack Neutral 50 I'm gonna tear you the fuck apart! {In a vicious fight.} 56
Attack Neutral 50 Die, mother fucker! {In a vicious fight.} 57
Attack Neutral 50 I'll break you! {In a vicious fight.} 58
Attack Neutral 50 For Ashur's glory! {In a vicious fight.} 59
Attack Neutral 50 Die! {In a vicious fight.} 60
Attack Neutral 50 Die! Just fuckin' die! {In a vicious fight.} 61
Attack Neutral 50 Fuck! You! {In a vicious fight.} 62
Attack Neutral 50 Are you fuckin' kiddin' me? {In a vicious fight.} 63
Attack Disgust 50 Nobody's gonna miss a scab like you. 64
Attack Disgust 50 Time to teach you scum a lesson. 65
Attack Disgust 50 Know your place, scab. 66
Attack Disgust 50 You always were a lousy worker. 67
Attack Disgust 50 Back in your work-hole, worker. 68
Death Death Neutral 50 No! Ashur... I've failed you... {Death cry.} 69
Death Neutral 50 I was only... playing... {Death cry.} 70
Death Neutral 50 I didn't see... that... coming... {Death cry.} 71
Death Neutral 50 What did I ever do to you... {Death cry.} 72
Death Neutral 50 Oh, c'mon! {Death cry.} 73
Death Neutral 50 That preacher... lied... {Death cry.} 74
Death Neutral 50 Really? {Death cry.} 75
Death Neutral 50 Arg... my lung... {Death cry.} 76
Death Neutral 50 I just need to sit down for a second... {Death cry.} 77
Death Neutral 50 Why? {Death cry.} 78
Death Neutral 50 Is that... my... blood? {Death cry.} 79
Death Neutral 50 No! My... g... {Death cry.} 80
Death Neutral 50 Arg... fuck... {Death cry.} 81
Death Neutral 50 Shit! {Death cry.} 82
Death Neutral 50 I'm... hit... {Death cry.} 83
Death Neutral 50 Aw, fuck! {Death cry.} 84
Death Neutral 50 Dammit! {Death cry.} 85
Hit Hit Neutral 50 Arg! Fucker! 86
Hit Neutral 50 My arm! 87
Hit Neutral 50 You grinder fuck! 88
Hit Neutral 50 How dare you! 89
Hit Neutral 50 You're gonna pay for that, scab. 90
Hit Neutral 50 Fuck! 91
Hit Neutral 50 Shit! 92
Hit Neutral 50 Arg! Fucker! 93
Hit Neutral 50 Ow! Fuck! 94

Detection Edit

NormalToCombat StartCombat Anger 50 Your little revolt ends here, scab! {Responding to coming under attack.} 95
StartCombat Anger 50 Fuckin' slaves! I'm gonna kill you! {Responding to coming under attack.} 96
StartCombat Neutral 50 Grinders. Must. Die. {Responding to coming under attack.} 97
StartCombat Anger 50 Are you fuckin' kiddin' me? {Responding to coming under attack.} 98
StartCombat Anger 50 I'm gonna end you! {Responding to coming under attack.} 99
StartCombat Anger 50 What? Seriously? {Responding to coming under attack.} 100
StartCombat Anger 50 Now that was a mistake. {Responding to coming under attack.} 101
StartCombat Anger 50 That was your last mistake. {Responding to coming under attack.} 102
StartCombat Anger 50 Your funeral, pal. {Responding to coming under attack.} 103
StartCombat Anger 50 I'm gonna bury you! {Responding to coming under attack.} 104