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Gametitle-FO3 TP
Gametitle-FO3 TP
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This is a transcript for dialogue with Duke (Fallout 3).

Topics Edit

DLC01HavenResponse1A How many other soldiers came from the Hole? Anger 15 You'd be surprised how many of us worked our way up - even if we don't like to admit it. 1
Disgust 15 The rest are just toughs from the Wasteland who decided to join the biggest gang around. 2
Neutral 50 Either way, watch your back around here. Nobody got to Uptown by playing nice. {Warning the player} 3
DLC01HavenResponse1B I bet none of you have seen the things I've seen. Anger 35 That's a pissing match you don't want to start around here. We've got people from every blasted-out crater on this coast. 4
Anger 50 Don't mistake us for those drugged-up idiot Raiders out in the wild. They're an embarrassment to the profession. 5
Anger 25 You just go out there and prove yourself to Ashur. We'll all be watching. 6
GREETING GREETING Surprise 25 Hrmph. Guess we've got another soldier. {Dismissive, but not cruel} 7
Neutral 50 Don't think you're so special, kid. You're not the first to climb your way out of the mud. 8
GREETING Anger 25 Buzz off, new kid. {A little irritated at being interrupted} 9
GREETING Happy 50 Lookin' good, newbie. 10
GREETING Happy 50 Hey there. 11
GREETING Happy 50 What's up? 12
GREETING Disgust 50 Not interested. 13
GREETING Anger 50 Scram. 14
GREETING Anger 50 Get out of my face. 15
GREETING Anger 50 You'd best look at the ground when you're talking to me, scab. 16
GREETING Anger 50 Get out of my face, scab. 17
GREETING Anger 50 I will break you the fuck in half. Get back to work. 18
GREETING Anger 50 You'd best get out of my face and back to work. 19
GREETING Anger 50 The only thing I have to say to you is: get the fuck back to work. 20
GREETING Anger 50 Move on, pissant. 21
GREETING Anger 50 You'd best get back to work, grinder. 22
GREETING Anger 50 Damn sla... I mean workers. {Starts to say "slaves"} 23
GREETING Anger 50 Ha! You look like you haven't seen the sun in years. Time to fix that. 24
GREETING Anger 50 Do I know you? How long have you been here? 25
GREETING Anger 50 I'm gonna go upside your head if you don't get out of my face. 26
GREETING Anger 50 Less talky. More worky. 27
GREETING Anger 50 Do I look like I want to be talking to the help? 28
GREETING Anger 50 Are you kidding me? Get the fuck back to work, scab. 29
GREETING Anger 50 Go away. 30

Conversation Edit

DLC01HavenGuardsNoSandra DLC01HavenGuardsNoSandra Anger 50 Hey, that's Ashur's kid! Sound the alarm! 31
GOODBYE I have to go now. Neutral 50 We're Raiders. 32
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Okay, amigo. 33
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Okay, amiga. 34
I have to go now. Neutral 50 All right, man. Later. 35
I have to go now. Neutral 50 All right, girl. Later. 36
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Stay safe, brother. 37
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Stay safe, girl. 38
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Yup. Talk to you later. 39
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Yeah, me too. 40
HELLO HELLO Happy 50 I don't see why Ashur's wasting his time with you. 41
HELLO Neutral 25 Lord Ashur wants a word with you. Good luck. 42
HELLO Neutral 25 Hurry over to Haven, kid. 43
HELLO Happy 25 Ashur's looking forward to meeting you, champ. {A little congratulatory, a little sinister} 44
HELLO Neutral 50 Good knowin' ya, scab! 45
HELLO Neutral 50 Man, I can't believe Ashur opened up the arena again! 46
HELLO Neutral 50 This is gonna be some good shit, I tell ya! 47
HELLO Neutral 50 Go on! Fight! 48
HELLO Neutral 50 Nothin' I love more than watchin' grinders die in the Hole. 49
HELLO Neutral 50 You? Fight in the hole? Oh, I can't wait for this. 50
HELLO Happy 50 Chin up! You're in The Pitt, what more could you want? 51
HELLO Happy 50 Don't you have something you should be doing? 52
HELLO Disgust 50 Don't give me that holier-than-thou look. 53
HELLO Disgust 50 Well, if it ain't the saint. {Mocking} 54
HELLO Neutral 50 Bet you think you're better than us, don't you? 55
HELLO Neutral 50 Looks like you don't mind getting your hands dirty, killer. 56
HELLO Neutral 50 Bet you could tell a few stories. 57
HELLO Neutral 50 Good to see another mean bastard in The Pitt. 58
HELLO Neutral 50 Well, if it ain't the devil in person. 59
HELLO Neutral 50 Damn. I'm glad you're on our side, meathead. 60
HELLO Neutral 50 Look at the guns on you, huh? 61
HELLO Neutral 50 Well, aren't you a tough one? 62
HELLO Neutral 50 You eyein' me? 63
HELLO Neutral 50 What are you looking at? {As if to start a fight} 64
HELLO Neutral 50 I don't trust anybody who looks as friendly as you. 65
HELLO Anger 50 What the fuck are you smiling about? 66
HELLO Neutral 50 If it ain't the smartest asshole in The Pitt. 67
HELLO Neutral 50 You got brains, but you're no Ashur. 68
HELLO Neutral 50 Awfully twitchy, ain't you? 69
HELLO Neutral 50 Hey, if it isn't quickdraw. 70
HELLO Neutral 50 Here comes speedy. 71
HELLO Neutral 50 Bring back any good food? 72
HELLO Neutral 50 Could be worse, pal. 73
HELLO Neutral 50 How's it going? 74
HELLO Neutral 50 Keep walkin', pal. 75
HELLO Neutral 50 Don't you have something better to do? 76
HELLO Neutral 50 What are you lookin' at? {Admonishing a slave.} 77
HELLO Neutral 50 Had any good fights, lately? 78
HELLO Neutral 50 You on food run duty? 79
HELLO Anger 75 All clear around town, I hear. 80
HELLO Anger 50 Looking for some fun? 81
HELLO Anger 50 You want something? 82
HELLO Neutral 50 {Silence.} 83
HELLO Disgust 50 You ain't so good, are you? {Cruel and sarcastic.} 84
HELLO Disgust 50 Aww, such a sweet face. How'd you make it out of the Hole? {Cruel and sarcastic.} 85
HELLO Disgust 50 Aww, such a sweet face. Get back to work. {Cruel and sarcastic.} 86
HELLO Neutral 50 Back to work, angel. 87
HELLO Neutral 50 You got the look of the devil about you. Shame you're just another scab. 88
HELLO Neutral 50 You don't much look like a slave. 89
HELLO Neutral 50 Ha! How the mighty have fallen. 90
HELLO Neutral 50 Not such a badass now, are you? 91
HELLO Neutral 50 That's what I like to see: a big tough scab on my crew. 92
HELLO Neutral 50 Boy, you got some arms on you, scab. 93
HELLO Neutral 50 Well, aren't you a tough one? 94
HELLO Neutral 50 You can stop eyeing me up anytime, scab. 95
HELLO Neutral 50 You see a lot don't you? You up to something? Huh? 96
HELLO Neutral 50 You look too damn friendly for your own good. 97
HELLO Neutral 50 What the fuck are you smiling about? 98
HELLO Neutral 50 Can I do something for you, professor? 99
HELLO Neutral 50 Get back to work, professor. 100
HELLO Neutral 50 If you're so damn smart, how'd you end up here, huh? 101
HELLO Neutral 50 You're awfully nimble for a slave. 102
HELLO Neutral 50 Speed it up, twinkletoes. There's work to be done. 103
HELLO Neutral 50 You got a light step there, grinder. 104
HELLO Neutral 50 Shouldn't you be working? 105
HELLO Neutral 50 Fuckin' peons. 106
HELLO Neutral 50 You look like you don't have enough to do, peon. 107
HELLO Neutral 50 Keep walkin', drone. 108
HELLO Neutral 50 Move on, scab. 109
HELLO Neutral 50 What are you lookin' at? {Admonishing a slave.} 110
HELLO Neutral 50 Don't look at me, scab. {Admonishing a slave.} 111
HELLO Neutral 50 Don't you look at me. {Admonishing a slave.} 112
HELLO Anger 75 Eyes down! {Admonishing a slave.} 113
HELLO Anger 50 What is it, grinder? 114
HELLO Anger 50 You want something, scab? 115
HELLO Disgust 50 I'm fucking bored. 116
HELLO Disgust 50 Days like today make me want to fucking hang myself... 117
HELLO Disgust 50 Havin' fun yet? Damn, this day can't end soon enough. 118
HELLO Disgust 50 So guess what's going on today? Hey, let me give you a hint. Nothing. Man, I'd give my last pack of smokes for some action right about now. 119
HELLO Disgust 50 <yawn> A guy could die of fuckin' boredom in this place. You know what I mean? 120
HELLO Disgust 50 Man, the scabs ain't half as feisty as that last batch. At least when they fight back I get some fuckin' exercise. 121
HELLO Disgust 50 Does this look infected? 122
HELLO Disgust 50 Goddamn, what a boring day. I could go home, and these fucking scabs would keep on workin' anyway. What a waste of time. 123
PittRaiderTalk1 PittRaiderTalk1 Disgust 50 Tell me about it. 124
PittRaiderTalk1 Disgust 50 Yeah, no shit, huh? 125
PittRaiderTalk1 Disgust 50 I hear that, man. 126
PittRaiderTalk1 Disgust 50 I hear that, girl. 127
PittRaiderTalk1 Happy 50 He he he. Damn, man, you're starting to sound like me. Old and bitter. 128
PittRaiderTalk1 Happy 50 He he he. Damn, girl, you're starting to sound like me. Old and bitter. 129
PittRaiderTalk1 Disgust 50 I'd tell you to shut up and everything's great, but that'd make me a hypocrite. And I might be a lot of things, but I ain't no fuckin' hypocrite. 130
PittRaiderTalk2 PittRaiderTalk2 Happy 50 Hey, you remember that time you and me made that scab take off his clothes and run into the Steel Yard? Fucking Trogs tore him apart! Ha ha ha ha! 131
PittRaiderTalk2 Happy 50 Ashur needs to send us out on a good old fashioned raid. Like March of '73? Me, you and that strung-out Ghoul chick? Ha ha ha ha! 132
PittRaiderTalk2 Neutral 50 What I wouldn't give for a random Radscorpion attack. Those fuckers make for some good target practice... 133
PittRaiderTalk2 Neutral 50 Don't get me wrong - beatin' on the scabs is okay some days, but there's got to be more to life. Any ideas? 134
PittRaiderTalk2 Neutral 50 Sometimes I miss the early days, ya know? Shit was so unpredictable. Uprisings, Ghoul attacks. Kept a motherfucker on his toes. Now? Pfft. 135
PittRaiderTalk3 PittRaiderTalk3 Neutral 50 Know what we should do? Me and you? Get some leave time and get out of The Pitt for a few days. Head south into Paradise Falls. Somethin'... 136
PittRaiderTalk3 Neutral 50 Maybe I'll talk to Zubrowski or Diehl, get a card game going. Not exactly exciting, but it beats sitting around with our thumbs up our asses, right? 137
PittRaiderTalk3 Neutral 50 I was thinkin', maybe we could convince the boss man to have regular fights in the Hole. Shit, I'd go in, see what I'm made of. We could both do it. 138
PittRaiderTalk3 Neutral 50 Okay, how's this for a plan? I get hold of some of the Lord's private stash, and the two of us get wasted beyond all fuckin' belief. Yeah? 139
PittRaiderTalk3 Neutral 50 Hmmm... I'm getting an idea. Picture this... a Trog, three scabs, two live grenades... and a Brahmin. We take 'em out to the bridge, right? And... 140
PittRaiderTalk3 Neutral 50 Man, me and you need to get one of those uninfected scab whores, get her shitfaced, and just see what happens. 141
PittRaiderTalk4 PittRaiderTalk4 Neutral 50 Tell you what. You arrange for the two of us to have some fun, and then let me know. Until then... it's back to work. 142
PittRaiderTalk4 Neutral 50 Yeah, well, we'll see. Anyway, I got to get back to my shift. 143
PittRaiderTalk4 Neutral 50 Yeah! Yeah, that's a good idea. You get the ball rollin', and I'll check back with you tomorrow. Gotta get back to work now. 144
PittRaiderTalk4 Neutral 50 I like the way you think. Tell you what. I'll see what I can get stirrin' on my end too, and we'll catch up later. Now... back to the grind. 145
PittRaiderTalk4 Neutral 50 I'll do anything at this point. Another day of screamin' at scrubs and I'm gonna go fuckin' nuts. Speaking of which... duty calls. 146

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