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This is a transcript for dialogue with Brand.

Topics Edit

DLC01BrandGreeting01 What's with all the questions? Neutral 50 Oh, no reason. Just asking. I haven't seen you before, that's all. 1
Neutral 50 Never mind, then. 2
DLC01BrandGreeting02 Why should I tell you anything? Neutral 50 Hey now, why so angry? I'm just asking some questions, no reason to jump down my throat. Never mind, then. 3
DLC01BrandGreetingChallenge Why do you want to know? Neutral 50 Well, since you might be able to help me, I'll let you in on a little secret: the slaves are always planning all sorts of things. {Speech Challenge (1930454888)} 4
Neutral 50 I find out what's going on and let the bosses know and they let me shrug off some of the work detail. {Speech Challenge (1930454888)} 5
Neutral 50 Good deal, huh? If you hear anything, you should let me know. {Speech Challenge (1930454888)} 6
DLC01BrandTopicCure I'm here to find a cure for the mutations. Neutral 50 Oh. Oh? A cure? That is very interesting. I'll be sure to note that. 7
Neutral 50 Here's a little something that I found. Make good use of it. 8
DLC01BrandTopicEND No, I haven't heard anything. Neutral 50 Hrm. Well, let me know if you do. 9
No, I haven't heard anything. Neutral 50 That's a shame. Keep an eye open. 10
DLC01BrandTopicMe I'm from outside The Pitt. I'm here to help free the slaves. Neutral 50 From outside The Pitt? That's new. I heard there might be someone from far away showing up. 11
Neutral 50 Here's a little something that I found. Make good use of it. 12
DLC01BrandTopicMidea Midea is helping Wernher. Neutral 50 I guess that shouldn't surprise anyone. The bosses all thought they were up to something. 13
Neutral 50 Here's a couple of things for your trouble. They should help keep you alive out here. 14
DLC01BrandTopicRevolt Wernher is trying to free the slaves. Neutral 50 That figures. Must be why the bosses hate him so much. 15
Neutral 50 Here are a couple things. Thanks for your help. 16
DLC01BrandTopicWeapons Marco is making weapons. Surprise 50 I knew that bastard was up to something. Finally! After all he's done to me, I can get him! 17
Neutral 50 Here's something for your trouble. I can't thank you enough for this one. 18
DLC01Marco1 I need a weapon. Where can I find Marco? Neutral 50 You're looking for Marco, hrm? What's he up to? 19
Neutral 50 He's over in the old control room, near the gate to Uptown. I'll... I'll let him know you're coming. 20
GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 You're new, aren't you? Are you here from the Erie Stretch? The Capital Wasteland? Ronto? Where's home? 21
GREETING Neutral 50 So, what have you heard? 22
GREETING Neutral 50 What's new? Have you heard anything? 23
GREETING Neutral 50 Keep an eye out, buddy. They're watching. 24
GREETING Neutral 50 If you hear any good gossip, you let me know. 25
GREETING Anger 50 Go away. 26

Conversation Edit

GOODBYE I have to go now. Neutral 50 Brand. 27
HELLO HELLO Neutral 50 {Silence.} 28
HELLO Neutral 50 Keep a eye out. 29
HELLO Neutral 50 They're watching. 30
HELLO Neutral 50 The bosses know a lot more than they let on. 31
HELLO Neutral 50 These guys are up to something, I'm sure of it. 32