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DLC01AboutBrotherhood Do you ever miss the Brotherhood of Steel? Disgust 50 Not in the slightest. During the Scourge, we looted The Pitt and left the rest of it to rot. I was just a dumb convert who got stuck here afterwards. 1
Neutral 50 See, beneath it all, the Brotherhood's just lazy. It's easier to loot a dying city than work to bring it back to life, so that's what they did. 2
Disgust 25 They're so obsessed with the technology of the past, they don't care what needs to be done for today and tomorrow. 3
Anger 50 It takes real work to rebuild and run a city. But there isn't a machine to do it for them, so the Brotherhood ain't interested. Good riddance. 4
Where did you get that powered armor? Surprise 50 This thing? It's a relic from my time with the Brotherhood of Steel, decades ago. 5
Happy 25 It's been through so much that they'd hardly recognize it as one of theirs. {Reminiscing} 6
Happy 50 A little like me, come to think of it. 7
DLC01AboutMarie1 How's Marie doing? Happy 50 My little Marie is the very picture of health. And eventually, she'll make it possible for a new generation of healthy babies in The Pitt. 8
Happy 25 You know, I always wanted to make The Pitt a strong city, but that was because I wanted to make my mark on the world. {Reminiscing} 9
Happy 50 But when Marie was born, that changed. Now she's my reason to make The Pitt succeed. Because she's depending on it. 10
Happy 25 It's just something a parent has to do for their child, you understand? 11
DLC01AboutPitt Can we talk about The Pitt? Happy 20 Now that everything's quieted down, I guess we've got time for the full story. What do you want to know? 12
Tell me more about The Pitt. Happy 20 What do you want to know? 13
DLC01AboutPitt2A How did you rebuild after the Scourge? Happy 20 It wasn't actually that tough. The Scourge had cleared out a lot of Trogs, so we had space to move in. 14
Neutral 50 The Brotherhood had looted a lot, but they left even more behind as "damaged goods." And you can rebuild a lot out of "damaged goods." 15
Happy 25 For example, they took one survivor, a kid the called "Kodiak". But they left his big brothers behind, because they were too wild and mean. 16
Happy 50 But as it turns out, the Bear Brothers were some of my finest soldiers. At least, until they went up against you. 17
How did The Pitt get started? Disgust 20 Believe it or not, it started when the Brotherhood decided to loot this hellhole and wipe it off the map. We called it the Scourge. 18
Neutral 50 Back then, I was "Initiate Ashur." But that ended when the Brotherhood left me behind, and I came to see The Pitt in a new light. 19
Happy 50 I was found by tribals who thought I was a god. I didn't argue, and with my leadership and their divine dedication, we began rebuilding this city. 20
DLC01AboutPitt2B Why do you keep slaves in The Pitt? Sad 25 First of all, they aren't "slaves." They're "workers." They can earn their freedom, like you did. 21
Neutral 50 I know it's not a big difference, but it's important. And it's a lot better than they'll get from the slavers we get them from. 22
Why do you keep workers in The Pitt? Sad 25 I wish it wasn't necessary, but we need the labor to keep the city functioning. We don't have the leisure of laziness. 23
Anger 20 Soldiers fight Trogs and get food from outside of town. Workers need to supply them with ammo and gear. Everyone has to do their part, or we all die. 24
Sad 50 Until we have a cure for The Pitt, the city has no children. People die, so we need new people. And sometimes, that means buying them. 25
DLC01AboutPitt2C Why are The Pitt's slaves treated so poorly? Sad 25 First of all, they aren't "slaves." They're "workers." They can earn their freedom, like you did. 26
Neutral 50 I know it's not a big difference, but it's important. And it's a lot better than they'll get from the slavers we get them from. 27
Why are The Pitt's workers treated so poorly? Anger 25 I know some of my soldiers are harsher than they need to be. Usually, it's the ones who were raiders before they signed up here. 28
Anger 40 The workers need to be pushed, but I don't tolerate cruelty for cruelty's sake. The soldiers who used to be workers know where to draw the line. 29
Anger 60 I can't stop all of the abuse, but when someone goes too far, I make sure they're strung up around town as an example. 30
DLC01AboutPitt2Exit That's all I need to know. Happy 20 Okay. 31
DLC01AshurAboutThePitt Wait, can you tell me more about what you're doing in The Pitt? Sad 25 Ever since the city was scourged, we've done what everyone does: whatever's necessary to survive. {A little sad - he's not proud of the part he played in scourging the city all those years ago.} 32
Anger 50 I know my city seems barbaric to you, but it's the only way we can carve out a home in this hellhole, and it's kept these people alive. {Unapologetic for his city, and proud of his people's perseverance.} 33
Happy 50 But that's enough stalling for time. So, do you know Wernher? {Happy to catch the player off-guard. Emphasis on "do" - he knows the player knows Wernher, and is daring the player to lie about it.} 34
DLC01AshurDefense01A I'm sorry, but it was the only way to lure Wernher out of hiding. Anger 10 Clever thinking, but couldn't you have let us in on your little plan? {Speech Challenge (1930454888)} 35
Happy 25 No matter. Marie's safe now, and that's what really matters. {Honestly thankful for his daughter's safety} 36
Happy 50 The city's got a bright future ahead of it, and I guess you'll have a chance to see it. {Speech Challenge (1930454888)} 37
DLC01AshurDefense01B Um... It won't happen again? Anger 50 You're fucking right, it won't. I ought to have you thrown out of town. In pieces. 38
Anger 15 But my Marie is safe, Wernher's gone, and the city's got a bright future, so I'm feeling unusually forgiving. Consider yourself lucky. {Honestly thankful for his daughter's safety, and grudgingly accepting the player into the city} 39
DLC01AshurEndPitt What do you mean about the city's future? Happy 25 Now that Marie's back, we have a chance at curing the disease that's been ravaging The Pitt since the bombs. 40
Happy 50 Without it killing our kids, we can grow like a real city. No more bringing in slaves. No more forced labor. Things can get better. 41
Sad 15 It's taken me a lot of work to rebuild this city. With your help, it's finally going to have a chance. {A little melancholy about the scourge - still feels responsible for the tragedy that befell the city back then.} 42
DLC01AshurEndReward So, you're not going to kill me? Happy 25 I probably should. Hell, I still might. But you got rid of Wernher, and things are looking good, so you're welcome in my city. For now. 43
Anger 10 As long as you stay in line, you're free to use the Mill's ammo press. But I recommend you head out of town before using the ammo itself. {Subtly threatening the player if they use ammo in town.} 44
Happy 25 And Sandra's made some progress with the radiation studies. You're not on her good side, but I'm sure she wouldn't mind testing it out on you. 45
So, how about my reward? Happy 50 You've kept the city in one piece and put a stop to Wernher's plans. Yeah, I guess you've earned one. {Jokingly} 46
Happy 25 As a full citizen of The Pitt, you'll have full access to the ammo press in the Mill. It's how I keep my soldiers well armed, so make good use of it. 47
Happy 50 And I think Sandra's made some progress with the cure. So here's a little something to help with radiation. 48
DLC01AshurEndSlaves Now that you have Marie back, please set the slaves free. Sad 50 I wish I could, but you have to see things in the bigger picture. Without those workers, this city would fall apart. {Not happy that he has to keep people in forced labor} 49
Neutral 50 The city's disease means we can't have kids, so slaves and recruits are the only way we get new people in the city. 50
Happy 50 But some day, soon, we'll have a cure, and we won't need forced labor. The workers will be free, and the city can grow naturally. 51
Sad 25 Thanks to what you've done, that day is coming. But until then, this is the only way the city can survive. 52
What's going to become of the workers? Sad 50 Right now, nothing. Until we can reproduce a treatment from Marie, they'll have to keep working. Otherwise, this city falls apart. {Not happy that he has to keep people in forced labor} 53
Happy 50 But once we do have a cure, things will be different. We won't need to kidnap people for our city. We'll be able to grow naturally. 54
Anger 25 Until then, this is the way it has to be. It's just what has to be done. 55
DLC01AshurMeeting01A I heard The Pitt was building an army. I'm here to join. Happy 50 You heard right. And after a show like that, how could I refuse someone of your talents? 56
Happy 75 While the rest of the world scrambles to survive, we have an army, industry, and thanks to a recent surprise, we've got no need to fear radiation. {Proud of his city and its bright prospects} 57
Anger 25 But we do have a few loose ends that still need tied up. Tell me, do you know a man named Wernher? 58
DLC01AshurMeeting01B It's complicated. How about we just say I'm new in town and looking for work? Neutral 50 I understand. We've all got a past, and damn few of us have reason to be proud of it. 59
Happy 25 That's all behind you, now. In The Pitt, you'll be part of a growing army, a thriving industry, and maybe even witness to a cure for radiation. {Offering a tempting sales pitch} 60
Anger 25 But we aren't perfect, and sometimes the past comes back to haunt us. Tell me, do you know a man named Wernher? 61
DLC01AshurMeeting01C I'm the badass who'll be running this place once I kill you. Happy 50 I figured it'd be something like that. Goodbye, new blood. {Calmly signing the player's death warrant} 62
I'm the hero who's going to kill you and free the slaves! Happy 50 I figured it'd be something like that. Goodbye, new blood. {Calmly signing the player's death warrant} 63
I'm just here to kill you and reap the rewards. Happy 50 I figured it'd be something like that. Goodbye, new blood. {Calmly signing the player's death warrant} 64
DLC01AshurMeeting02A Never heard of him. Why? <Lie.> Anger 50 Wernher used to be my second-in-command, until he betrayed me. He was exiled to the slave pens, but he escaped not too long ago. {Speech Challenge (1930454888)} 65
Neutral 50 I believe he's planning to strike at the city again, and may be working with the slaves to do it. {Speech Challenge (1930454888)} 66
Anger 10 You've had a lot of contact with them, so maybe you can hunt him down and put an end to him. Do it, and I'll name you my lieutenant on the spot. {Speech Challenge (1930454888)} 67
DLC01AshurMeeting02B I met the man, but he seemed like trouble, so I steered clear. <Lie.> Anger 50 Then you know he's not to be trusted. He escaped after a failed coup, and I believe he's working with the slaves to plan a revolt. {Speech Challenge (1930454888)} 68
Anger 10 You know the slaves, and you've met Wernher, so you're in a prime position to put an end to him. Do that, and I'll make you a lieutenant in my army. {Speech Challenge (1930454888)} 69
DLC01AshurMeeting02C Yes, I do. He's the one who brought me here. Happy 50 I appreciate your honesty. It's a rare virtue in this age. {pleased at the honesty.} 70
Neutral 50 Wernher was my lieutenant until he betrayed me and escaped justice. And if I know him, he brought you here to steal something very dear to the city. 71
Anger 25 Do you intend to follow through with his plan? Feel free to be honest. Please, don't be intimidated by the turret behind you. {appearing open and welcoming, while offering a lightly-veiled threat} 72
DLC01AshurMeeting03A Sounds like a good deal. I'll track him down. Happy 75 That's what I wanted to hear! You've got a bright future ahead of you in The Pitt, new blood. {Proud of the player for picking the winning side} 73
Happy 50 In fact, I'd like to let you in on a little secret, and show you the amazing advance that'll secure our place in the Wasteland. 74
Happy 25 Now, I think, would be a good time for you to meet the cure for yourself. Let's take a trip back to the lab, where Sandra can explain... {interrupted at end} 75
DLC01AshurMeeting03B Thanks, but I've got other plans. Surprise 25 Ah, of course. Would these plans happen to involve stealing a precious little something from me? {Playing as if asking innocently - he knows what's up} 76
Disgust 50 Don't look so surprised. Your arrival was too convenient, and even if you never met Wernher, I'm sure he got someone to make you an offer. 77
Happy 10 It's okay, I get a lot of people trying to betray me. Part of the position, really. You can be honest with me. 78
DLC01AshurNote1 Diary 1: To Marie Neutral 50 Test, one, two. Looks like this thing's on. Marie, if you're there, this is your father speaking: Ishmael Ashur, sometimes called Lord of The Pitt. {Hesitates briefly at first, but gets into his stride, basically making a "video diary" for his newborn daughter, in case something happens to him.} 79
Neutral 50 Now, I hope you're hearing this ten years from now, sitting on my knee safe and sound. Right about now, I bet I'm looking pretty silly. 80
Neutral 50 But things don't always work out the way we'd like. There are a lot of risks, including what your mother would do if she heard me talking like this. 81
Neutral 50 And I'm not about to risk leaving you alone without knowing where you came from. These tapes are for you, so you can know who your father really was. 82
DLC01AshurNote2 Diary 2: The Scourge Neutral 50 Marie, the first thing you need to know is that I wasn't always the Lord of The Pitt. Long before I was a king, I was a scholar and a soldier. 83
Neutral 50 In fact, I was in the Brotherhood of Steel. You've probably heard about them. But you may not have heard what we did to this city: the Scourge. 84
Neutral 50 When we came here, The Pitt was just a breeding ground for Trogs, cannibals, and worse. Commander had us torch the place and take what we could. 85
Neutral 50 The Pitt had useful technology, but it was suicide to stay here. So when an explosion left me buried in the Mill, my brothers were sure I was dead. 86
Neutral 50 I don't blame them for leaving. I probably would have. We thought nothing could live in The Pitt. We were wrong. 87
DLC01AshurNote3 Diary 3: The Mill Neutral 50 Marie, you know those fights in the Mill's arena? Well, its first fight was when I woke up to someone pulling me out from a pile of rubble. 88
Neutral 50 At first I thought it was my brothers pulling me to safety. Instead, it was a scavenger trying to steal my armor. She didn't get it. 89
Neutral 50 But I learned she had a whole family of scavengers. They'd make raids into the city for gear from the Mill. And that gave me an idea. 90
Neutral 50 This was the only working steel mill we'd ever seen. In a world of leftovers, it was a chance to build again. And that was worth any price. 91
Neutral 50 The scavengers saw me as a god, so along with my Brotherhood know-how, it was easy to set up the basics. We started to build a city. 92
DLC01AshurNote4 Diary 4: The Cure Neutral 50 As word of a new settlement got out, the city started growing, and fast. When Raiders attacked, I'd kill the leader and recruit the rest. 93
Neutral 50 I had to. The city's disease meant we couldn't have children, so recruiting was the only way to grow. And as we grew, the Mill needed more workers. 94
Neutral 50 And, yes, that meant recruiting workers by force. I'm not proud of it, but it's the only way to keep the city supplied and armed. 95
Neutral 50 But it was always a temporary solution, until our best scientist found a way to cure the city's epidemic. Sandra and I worked on it day and night. 96
Neutral 50 And after one, particularly late night of work, we were blessed with a cure. It's the cure inside you, Marie. {Euphemism on "particularly late night of work" - when Marie was conceived} 97
Neutral 50 Even now, we're doing everything we can to figure out how to share your gift with the city - while keeping you safe, of course! 98
Neutral 50 So by the time you're old enough to hear this, you'll already be a hero. Congratulations, Marie. You've already saved us all. I knew you would. 99
DLC01AshurReward02A So, what do I do now? Happy 50 That's up to you. We'll keep working on the cure and keep the city running. You're free to come and go as you like. 100
Happy 25 Of course, you can help out at the mill by collecting metal from the Steelyard. It'd help lighten the load on the workers. 101
Neutral 50 And if you want to work on Sandra's good side, you can always bring her toys for Marie. It's a little thing, but it'd make a difference. 102
DLC01AshurReward02B Guess it's time to kick back and live the life of luxury. Happy 50 Sure if that's what you want. I'm sure Harris will keep pouring drinks down your throat, as long as you can afford them. 103
Happy 25 Or you can help out at the mill by collecting metal from the Steelyard. I'm sure the foreman would be glad to repay you for your work. 104
Neutral 50 And if you want to get on Sandra's good side, you can always bring her toys for Marie. It's a little thing, but it'd make a difference. 105
DLC01AshurWernherOffer1A He made me an offer, but now that I know the score, I'm joining your side. Happy 50 A wise decision, new blood. A very wise decision. It looks like Wernher underestimated you. 106
Anger 50 And he certainly didn't appreciate what I'd do to anyone that threatened our little discovery. {A flash of anger at anyone hurting his baby.} 107
Happy 50 Now, I think, would be a good time for you to meet the cure for yourself. Let's take a trip back to the lab, where Sandra can explain... {Interrupted at end.} 108
DLC01AshurWernherOffer1B He said you had the key to ruling the city, and I'm here to collect. Happy 50 That's an interesting way to put it. But yes, I suppose the city's future does rest squarely upon it. 109
Neutral 50 Something tells me you won't want the responsibility that comes with it. 110
Neutral 50 Now, someone of your character would be much better off if you just... {interrupted at the end.} 111
He said your discovery will free the slaves and cure them. How could I say no? Neutral 50 Easy enough. You could say no because he lied to you. 112
Happy 50 My discovery is a miracle, but it isn't the type that sets slaves free. {Aware of the biblical reference} 113
Neutral 50 Now, it would do a lot more good if you were to... {Interrupted at end.} 114
He wanted me to steal a valuable cure. I'm just in it for the caps. Happy 50 Oh, it's valuable. I'd say there's nothing I care more about in the world. 115
Anger 50 But Wernher doesn't truly appreciate everything it means to me, or to The Pitt. 116
Happy 25 Now, if caps are all you want, I can make you a much better offer than that snake, and all you have to do is... {Interrupted at end} 117
DLC01AshurWernherOffer1C I have no idea what you're talking about. Disgust 50 Then that means you're either a liar or a moron. And neither one is a trait I like to see in my army. 118
Happy 50 Care to try again? {Friendly, but dangerous} 119
GREETING GREETING Anger 50 You kidnapped my daughter, fought my raiders, and gave the workers the ridiculous idea that they can free themselves. {Coldly furious} 120
Anger 25 What do you have to say in your defense? 121
GREETING Happy 50 I knew I could trust you, and I wasn't disappointed. Wernher's been stopped, the workers are returning to their rightful place. {Proud of the player's work} 122
Happy 25 The Pitt has a bright future ahead of it, and so do you. 123
GREETING Happy 50 Nice work in the hole, new blood. Knew you couldn't be one of our normal workers. 124
Anger 50 So, that begs the question: who are you, and what are you doing in my city? {slightly menacing} 125
GREETING Anger 50 Go find Wernher and put a stop to him. I've got a revolt to stomp down. 126
GREETING Happy 50 You're a citizen of The Pitt, now. Doesn't sound like much, but wear that title with pride - it means you're part of something bigger than yourself. 127
GREETING Happy 50 Well, if it isn't the champion of The Pitt. {Friendly} 128
GREETING Happy 50 Always good to see you in town. {Friendly} 129
GREETING Happy 50 How's life treating you, kid? 130
GREETING Anger 50 Go away. 131
SpeechChallengeFailure SpeechChallengeFailure Surprise 50 Is that so? My second-in-command Wernher betrays me, works with slaves to escape justice, and then you magically appear among the slaves in my city? {Obviously knows the player is lying.} 132
Disgust 50 Next you'll claim he didn't send you to steal from me. 133
SpeechChallengeFailure Anger 25 I find that hard to believe. But you still managed to find him, and that's more than my men were able to do, so good work, I suppose. {Skeptical and grudging in the extreme} 134
Happy 10 And Marie is back safe and sound, which is what really matters. And you stopped Wernher, so I guess you can live. {Honestly happy his daughter is safe, and grudgingly pardoning the player} 135
Anger 25 If the city's future wasn't so bright, this would have gone a lot worse for you. 136

Conversation Edit

DLC01AshurCalledOutside2 DLC01AshurCalledOutside2 Anger 50 Damnit, I'm on my way. {Speaking to intercom. Frustrated at being interrupted, but knows it's important} 137
DLC01AshurLeavingToPlayer DLC01AshurLeavingToPlayer Neutral 25 Just head back and talk to Sandra. She'll explain all about the cure. Then you'll see why you have to put an end to Wernher. 138
DLC01AshurLeavingToPlayer Anger 25 I suggest you forget Wernher's offer, and consider mine: stop Wernher, and you'll have a bright future in The Pitt. Don't disappoint me, new blood. 139
DLC01AshurMarketSpeech01 DLC01AshurMarketSpeech01 Neutral 50 Citizens of The Pitt, workers of Downtown, traders of Uptown, and all fierce souls who do what must be done! 140
DLC01AshurMarketSpeech01 Neutral 50 I bring you good news! We stand at the dawn of a new golden age. Where others merely survive, we thrive! 141
DLC01AshurMarketSpeech01 Neutral 50 Our industry is the envy of the Commonwealth! Our safety is the envy of the Capital Wastes! Our might is the envy of Ronto! 142
DLC01AshurMarketSpeech01 Neutral 50 And while I have led your efforts, it has been by your own strength that you have earned all of the envy of the world. 143
DLC01AshurMarketSpeech01 Neutral 50 They envy the steel shaped by the workers in our mills, and they envy the strength of our traders and raiders who wield that steel for The Pitt. 144
DLC01AshurMarketSpeech01 Neutral 50 And most of all, they envy our victories in the struggle for freedom. Because, yes, freedom is what we all work towards. 145
DLC01AshurMarketSpeech01 Neutral 50 Freedom from fear, freedom from disease, freedom to live as once we did before we were shackled by atomic fire! 146
DLC01AshurMarketSpeech01 Neutral 50 And so, to celebrate this struggle, I ask my loyal workers: who among you is prepared to fight for your freedom? 147
DLC01AshurMarketSpeech01 Neutral 50 Who among you will risk your life in the crucible to create a new life of freedom in Uptown? Who will take this rare chance to thrive? 148
DLC01AshurMarketSpeech03 DLC01AshurMarketSpeech03 Neutral 50 Very well, Midea. If that is the will of the workers, then this man shall be their champion! 149
DLC01AshurMarketSpeech03 Neutral 50 Very well, Midea. If that is the will of the workers, then this woman shall be their champion! 150
DLC01AshurMarketSpeech03 Neutral 50 Sir, you carry not only the dream that workers can become free, but that we may all someday become truly free from the threats of our world. 151
DLC01AshurMarketSpeech03 Neutral 50 Madam, you carry not only the dream that workers can become free, but that we may all someday become truly free from the threats of our world. 152
DLC01AshurMarketSpeech03 Neutral 50 Prepare yourself, sir. And when you are ready to be forged anew, report to Faydra in the Steel Mill. 153
DLC01AshurMarketSpeech03 Neutral 50 Prepare yourself, Madam. And when you are ready to be forged anew, report to Faydra in the Steel Mill. 154
DLC01AshurMarketSpeech03 Neutral 50 The rest of you are dismissed. 155
DLC01ConfrontPlayer DLC01ConfrontPlayer Anger 50 I should have gunned you down long ag... what the hell is that?! {Furious, but interrupted by surprise ambush of Trogs} 156
DLC01Q3Scene02 DLC01Q3Scene02 Neutral 50 And I'm telling you, I've got it covered. {In control, and calming a hotheaded subordinate} 157
DLC01Q3Scene03 DLC01Q3Scene03 Neutral 50 I'll be with you, right after I maintain some order and dispense a little justice. {Friendly, but busy} 158
DLC01Q3Scene05 DLC01Q3Scene05 Happy 25 No, but I may heal the infirm later in the week. Time permitting, of course. {Calmly deflecting Krenshaw's joke} 159
DLC01Q3Scene07 DLC01Q3Scene07 Anger 25 Workers. {Interrupting and correcting Krenshaw's choice of words. Serious about the change of words} 160
DLC01Q3Scene09 DLC01Q3Scene09 Anger 10 We call them "workers." Helps with morale, reminds them they might earn their freedom, someday. {Explaining careful politics, and very serious about the issue} 161
DLC01Q3Scene11 DLC01Q3Scene11 Anger 10 All right, all right. Put your guards on alert, tell them to be on the lookout for anyone loitering too long downtown. {Getting down to important business} 162
DLC01Q3Scene12 DLC01Q3Scene12 Anger 50 And keep a watch on Midea at all times - anything big happens, it's bound to go through her. {Important business, talking about a dangerous insurgent} 163
DLC01Q3Scene13 DLC01Q3Scene13 Anger 10 Now, I've got a very important meeting with our new friend, so if anything big comes up, you use the intercom. {Wrapping up business, talking jokingly about meeting with the player} 164
DLC01Q3Scene15 DLC01Q3Scene15 Anger 10 Okay, break's over. {Dismissing a subordinate to get to work} 165
DLC01SceneInterrupt DLC01SceneInterrupt Anger 25 Not now. 166
DLC01SpeechAnnouncement DLC01SpeechAnnouncement Neutral 50 All workers report to the Square. All workers report to the Square. 167
GOODBYE I have to go now. Disgust 15 Don't let me keep you. 168
I have to go now. Happy 50 Walk proud. You're an ambassador of The Pitt. 169
I have to go now. Happy 50 Come back anytime. 170
I have to go now. Happy 50 You're always welcome in The Pitt. 171
HELLO HELLO Neutral 50 It's about time we had a talk. {Stern, but approachable} 172
HELLO Anger 50 Die, you bastard! {Stern, but approachable} 173
HELLO Happy 50 Well, if it isn't our fearless champion. {Said in a relaxed, but non-insulting fashion} 174
HELLO Happy 50 Hello, dear. Hope you're not spending all your time working. {With love, to his wife} 175
HELLO Happy 50 We never seem to have any alone time anymore. {With love, to his wife} 176
HELLO Neutral 50 What is it? I'm a little busy right now. 177
HELLO Neutral 50 You have any idea how much work it takes to keep this city together? 178
HELLO Happy 50 You'd be surprised how tough it is, being a king. {Said ironically, laughing at the idea of being a god-king.} 179
HELLO Happy 50 Nobody's tried to shoot me today, so things are going pretty well. 180
HELLO Neutral 50 {Silence.} 181