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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for Demetre, head of the Crimson Caravan of the Hub.


{100}{}{You see Demetre.}
{101}{}{Hey there! How are you doin'? The name's Demetre, Demetre Romara, head of the best damn caravan in the wastes. Are you lookin' for a job?}
{102}{}{Hmmm, you don't look very strong at all, but... you MUST be great with guns then to have survived the outside! Hell, you're probably one mean fighter when the time comes!}
{103}{}{You look pretty fit.}
{104}{}{You look pretty strong.}
{105}{}{Damn, you look strong!}
{106}{}{Damn! You look like you could lift a mountain!}
{107}{}{Yeah, so?}
{108}{}{What's it to you?}
{110}{}{That's just what we're lookin' for! You like the thrill and excitement of battle don't you?! Bullets flying everywhere, whippin' by your head, blowin' your enemy in two, seein' the fear in their eyes! Ahhhh, that's the life! You look like the kind of person that could serve us well, and we pay well! Oh yes, we do! We've just had a few new openin's, if you are interested; but of course you are, right?!}
{111}{}{What's the pay?}
{112}{}{I'll kill anything that gets in our way!}
{113}{}{No thanks.}
{114}{}{I need a water chip.}
{115}{}{What do you know about the missing caravans?}
{116}{}{I've got to go.}
{117}{}{Ugggg uggg!}
{118}{}{We pay 600 hub bucks a job! That's each way! Hell, people say we take all the dangerous routes but I say they're the most excitin'! You need a little excitement in your life, am I right? Of course I am!}
{119}{}{Hell, I think that's just what I'm lookin' for!}
{120}{}{Do you always talk so loud?}
{122}{}{No thanks, bub.}
{123}{}{Damn straight it is! Just go talk to Keri in the next room, she'll let you know when the next caravan is leavin'.}
{124}{}{Bub? What the hell are you talkin' about? Well, no skin off my back.}
{125}{}{What, are you afraid of loud noises or somethin'?}
{127}{}{Only at night.}
{128}{}{No, I was just wondering you were deaf or dumb.}
{129}{}{No, but my ears were getting a little sore.}
{130}{}{Ha! Maybe both! Well, go talk to Keri in the next room if you do want a job.}
{131}{}{You're a smart little ass, are you? Well, it doesn't matter to me! Just as long as you defend the caravans I'll be satisfied. Go talk to Keri in the next room if you want a job.}
{132}{}{Ha! That's a funny one! Well, if you think you can brave the darkness, come see me.}
{133}{}{Of course it's dangerous -- why else would I fork out 600 bucks?}
{134}{}{Oh, okay. Bye.}
{135}{}{I'll still take the job.}
{136}{}{Get out of here before I rip your head off!}
{137}{}{I'll shove your head up your ass!}
{138}{}{That's it!}
{139}{}{Of course you will! Go talk to Keri in the next room, she works the schedules.}
{140}{}{Hell, that's disappointin', but oh well.}
{141}{}{Yeah! I like you! You're hired! Go talk to Keri in the next room, she'll assign you to a caravan.}
{142}{}{A water chip? Hmmm, haven't heard of one of those before. You might want to check with one of the shops outside -- they have lots of stuff. So, did you want a job?}
{143}{}{Well, what's it pay?}
{144}{}{No, not really.}
{145}{}{Not much, I've only lost two. I really have no idea why they're hittin' the Far Go Traders more then anyone else.}
{146}{}{Any suspicions?}
{147}{}{What about your routes and cargo?}
{148}{}{Okay, thanks.}
{149}{}{Who ever is doin' this has got to have one hell of a raidin' party. Our caravans are well armed and you would think that someone would have gotten away by now. They don't leave a trace.}
{150}{}{So, how much does that job pay?}
{151}{}{What about your routes and cargo?}
{152}{}{Okay, thanks.}
{153}{}{Hell, we go to more dangerous places than they do and our cargo is better!}
{154}{}{How is your cargo better?}
{155}{}{Just checking, thanks.}
{156}{}{You're full of crap!}
{157}{}{Well, okay -- maybe it's not better but we do carry a larger variety than them.}
{158}{}{Okay, thanks.}
{159}{}{You know, Beth's been yapping about some [Deathclaw