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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

This is a dialogue file for Bob, the pre-owned car mart owner.


{100}{Bob_salesman_001}{Hi! Welcome to my previously owned car lot. Which one of these beauties interests you today?}
{101}{Vault_Dweller_001a}{You must be joking. These cars are all wrecks.}
{102}{Vault_Dweller_001b}{Uh, nothing, thanks.}
{104}{Bob_salesman_002}{Oh, I'm sorry, you don't look like you can afford our financing rates.}
{105}{Bob_salesman_003}{But, sir, these are fine examples of motor vehicles.}
{106}{Bob_salesman_004}{Ma'am, these are excellent vehicles.}
{107}{Vault_Dweller_004a}{They can't be in working condition.}
{108}{Vault_Dweller_004b}{Yeah, right. Okay. Bye.}
{109}{Bob_salesman_005}{These cars have been given a full 100-point service by our dedicated service department.}
{110}{Vault_Dweller_005a}{And where is your service department?}
{111}{Vault_Dweller_005b}{You are a loon.}
{113}{Bob_salesman_006}{Right over there, sir. [The dealer points to nothing.]}
{114}{Bob_salesman_007}{Right over there, ma'am. [The dealer points to nothing.]}
{115}{Vault_Dweller_007a}{Where? There's nothing over there.}
{116}{Vault_Dweller_007b}{You're crazy.}
{117}{Bob_salesman_009}{What do you mean? They're working on a newly purchased '56 Corvega. An excellent buy, I might add.}
{118}{Vault_Dweller_009a}{Okay, whatever you say.}
{119}{Vault_Dweller_009b}{You're just insane.}
{121}{Bob_salesman_010}{And we have an excellent warranty. You can bring it back to us for any oil changes, as well. The first one is free. What do you say?}
{122}{Vault_Dweller_010a}{Throw in a full tank of gas and you have a deal.}
{123}{Vault_Dweller_010b}{You need help.}
{124}{Vault_Dweller_010c}{I'm leaving now.}
{125}{Bob_salesman_011}{I'm sorry, we don't have any petrol. Maybe next time. Goodbye.}
{126}{Bob_salesman_012}{I'm insulted. I don't have to take that from a customer. Have a good day.}
{127}{Bob_salesman_013}{I'm on my coffee break, come back later.}
{128}{Bob_salesman_014}{Go ahead, and take one for a test drive.}
{129}{Bob_salesman_015}{You should get the rust preventive paint with that.}
{130}{Bob_salesman_016}{Can I interest you in an auto alarm?}
{131}{Bob_salesman_017}{Hi! I'm Bob.}