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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for orphan children in the Den.


{100}{}{You see a child.}
{150}{}{You see a small orphan child.}
{200}{}{Spare change?}
{202}{}{I'm not doin' anythin'!}
{210}{}{This is Tubby's place.}
{211}{}{Tubby sells bad things.}
{212}{}{Tubby's not very nice.}
{213}{}{Tubby smells funny.}
{220}{}{This is Flick's shop.}
{221}{}{Flick is nice.}
{222}{}{Flick sells a lot of different stuff.}
{223}{}{Don't forget to say hi to Flick.}
{230}{}{This is Frankie's place.}
{231}{}{You a friend of Frankie?}
{232}{}{This place smells yucky.}
{233}{}{Frankie's drinks are expensive… so I hear.}
{240}{}{Becky's so nice.}
{241}{}{This is Rebecca's place.}
{242}{}{Becky has the best prices on drinks… so I've heard.}
{243}{}{Rebecca won't let me play her games.}
{244}{}{Becky's so pretty.}
{245}{}{Have you met Rebecca? I wish she was my mom.}
{250}{}{Hey, lady, got any spare change?}
{251}{}{Hey, mister, got any spare change?}
{270}{}{You just gonna stand there or go in?}
{272}{}{I'm hungry.}
{273}{}{Hey, you! Tubby's is always open. Come on over.}
{280}{}{You goin' in or what??}
{281}{}{Come check Flicks' place out.}
{283}{}{Hey, you over there! Check out Flick's shop.}
{290}{}{Well, you goin' in?}
{292}{}{Don't do that.}
{293}{}{Hey! Frankie's got great stuff.}
{300}{}{You should go in, Beck's very nice.}
{301}{}{I'm keepin' watch.}
{302}{}{Wow, you're pretty.}
{304}{}{What's your name?}
{305}{}{Becky would like you.}
{306}{}{Hey! Come check out Becky's.}
{310}{}{Ahhhh! Leave me alone.}
{311}{}{Help, I'm being repressed!}
{312}{}{Now we see the violence inherent in the system.}
{313}{}{I didn't do nuthin'}
{315}{}{Missed me.}
{316}{}{You're it.}
{318}{}{Stop it.}
{319}{}{I didn't do anythin' to you!}