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Cutthroats were a gang of raiders located in Appalachia.


The Cutthroats were one of Appalachia's five raider gangs and were led by David Thorpe. The gang is responsible for the Christmas Flood event, which destroyed Charleston on Christmas Day of 2082 and was prompted by the presumed death of Rosalynn Jeffries after a failed assault on the city. Although the gang's fate is never directly stated by Rose, one of the few surviving members, it is implied by the large concentration of Scorched in Cutthroats territory and the fate of former leader David Thorpe that the gang may have been wiped out by the The Scorched Plague, as with many of Appalachia's other survivors.

Interactions with the player characterEdit


  • Key to the Past: The Resident is tasked by Rose with mercy killing David Thorpe and retrieving the Cutthroats' piece of the Raider stash code.


Cutthroats appear only in Fallout 76.

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