Cutler was a man who once lived in the Capital Wasteland, first in Rivet City. And then became a member of the Brotherhood of Steel.


When Danse first settled in Rivet City, Cutler quickly befriended him. After scraping to live by as traders in the city, they saw their chance to escape their monotone lives when the Brotherhood of Steel began recruiting. Under the training of Paladin Krieg, the two quickly became experienced soldiers. One year after being posted aboard the Prydwen, Cutler went missing during an assignment.

Danse volunteered to go look for him. After a three-week search, him and his team finally found the missing squad, which was located in a super mutant hive. It's then that Danse discovered that his friend had been exposed to the Forced Evolutionary Virus. Saddened at the sight of his best friend transformed into an atrocity, he put him out of his misery.[1]


Cutler is mentioned only in Fallout 4.


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