Cueva Guarache

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Gametitle-FNV HH

Cueva Guarache is a location in the Zion Canyon. It is located southeast of Ranger Substation Osprey on the edge of the river.


The cave entrance leads to a steeply descending corridor. At the bottom of the slope, the path splits, one fork curving left and the other going straight ahead and to the right.

The path straight ahead leads to a dense, heavily-trapped wall of brush. Although you can pass through the brush more or less freely, there are two bear traps and a tripwire to worry about. The tripwire connects to a pair of rigged shotguns. Past the brush and the traps is a Hard locked door that leads directly to The Survivalist's chambers.

If you're unable or unwilling to risk the traps and unlock the door, proceed left and descend further into the cave. At the bottom of this second descent, the path forks again, to the left and right.

The path left opens into a larger chamber with a spore plant and a spore carrier runt. There's a path behind the spore plant into a deeper part of the chamber. For characters not in dire need of cave fungus, there's nothing in the chamber worth mentioning.

The path right opens into a very large chamber with a number of spore carriers and giant spore plants, and a few spore carrier brutes for good measure. There are two ridges directly in front of you as you enter at the south; either is a good position from which to snipe. A natural balcony runs across the east end of the room. To reach the balcony, you can jump from the north-most ridge (although it's a tricky jump), or you can follow a tunnel from the north end of the room around to one end of the balcony.

On the other end of the balcony is a chain-link fence and gate, as well as a very large explosives box and a smaller explosives box. Be careful as immediately after the gate is a plasma mine. To the left of the mine are three sacks full of random supplies. Continue north through a tight passageway to reach The Survivalist's chamber.

In the Survivalist's chambers, to the north are a small explosives crate and a larger, locked (very easy) explosives crate. A campfire is nearby, and to the northeast of the campfire is a campfire sack.

At the southern end of the chamber, a raised platform has been constructed. At the west end is a workbench, and a ramp into the sleeping chamber. In the sleeping chamber is a bed; a computer with the logs for year 2097, 2100, and 2101; a locked (average) gun case that at least sometimes contains a multiplas rifle; a Survivalist hidden cache and a workbench crate.

Notable loot


  • This location can be used as player housing while in Zion.
  • There are multiple spore carriers and spore plants in the cave's atrium.
  • Has a similar layout to Silver Peak Mine when you get to the area with the upper level.
  • It is possible to bypass the entire dungeon and enter the survivalists chamber by walking through the brush pile blocking the path to your right at a slight angle, there will be a Hard locked door that takes you directly into the chamber.
  • The pair of rigged shotguns by the Hard locked door can be deactivated by cutting the tripwire, but cannot be disarmed, arguably due to the brush pile covering them.
  • The bushes that hide the Hard locked door cause frame-rate drops when looked at or walked through.


Cueva Guarache appears in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Honest Hearts.

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