The mutant with the scar across his face, whome I've taken to calling Cuddles, stopped in today and asked me to fix his car. I told him that's outside my expertise and seriously thought he was going to kill me.— Raul, Black Mountain Prison building terminal entry 3

Cuddles' toy car is a unique miscellaneous item in Fallout: New Vegas.


Two of the computers in the Black Mountain prison building have a series of messages describing Raul's interaction with Cuddles, a local super mutant who wants Raul to fix his car. Although Raul tells Cuddles that the car cannot be made to run,[1] Cuddles fails to understand the nature of the problem and even goes so far as to bring in gas. His increasing rage at Raul's inability to help him results in him attacking Raul, causing Tabitha to kill Cuddles to prevent the loss of her only mechanic.[2]


Cuddles' toy car is aesthetically identical to the other toy cars in the Mojave Wasteland.


  • It is found inside the prison building where Raul Tejada is held prisoner. One must read left terminal entry 5 first, for the toy car's name to change to Cuddles' toy car.
  • There is also one found in the playground of the Long 15 if you so choose to launch the warhead at the quest The End of Lonesome Road. There is no way to reach it unless you noclip (tcl) your way through the wall to reach it.


  • If the terminal notes are not read through, Cuddles' toy car will only appear as a normal toy car on the table, but can still be taken.
  • It is possible to get two Cuddles' toy cars by taking the toy car on the table then reading the terminal. It causes the toy car to rename and another to spawn on the table.