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This is a transcript for dialogue with Crow.

Topics Edit

CCAboutCaravans Tell me about your trade caravan. Neutral 25 My caravan sells clothing and armor, to decorate and protect the body while it endures the ravages of the physical world. {With a slightly airy and mystical tone.} 1
Happy 10 My travels take me from Canterbury Commons to where there is true need of this protection. After all, this is what they'll pay the most for. {Said with a knowing grin, seeing past the "mystic" facade} 2
CCTrade I'm here to buy. Neutral 25 Have a look, see if anything calls out to you. {With a slightly airy and mystical tone.} 3
I'm here to buy. Happy 25 If the clothes make the man, then here are the means to re-make yourself. {With a slightly airy and mystical tone.} 4
CCTradeRepair Can you repair something for me? Happy 10 Yes, but only if it wants to be repaired. 5
Can you repair something for me? Happy 10 Maybe. Let's take a look. 6
GREETING GREETING Happy 25 Welcome, welcome! My name is Crow, and I travel the land, offering vestments of protection. And you are fortunate I found you in time! 7
Neutral 50 You bear the look of one who is haunted, but I am proud to say that my wares can protect you from even the cruel claws of death itself. Have a look. 8
GREETING Happy 25 And here you are! The spirits have blessed me with many gifts, but you have given the more marketable gift of monetary investment. 9
Neutral 50 Please accept this offering - a mask and helmet made from the hide of the wisest spirits of the wind. May it benefit you as fully as it has myself. 10
GREETING Happy 25 Searching for a friend out in the Wastes? No one is more reliable than a cold, hard skin of steel. 11
GREETING Neutral 50 Here to acquire a new mantle of metal or mesh? If you have the caps, I have the merchandise. {Slightly spiritual} 12

Conversation Edit

GOODBYE I have to go now. Neutral 50 Stay safe on the path you travel. {Almost spiritual in tone} 13
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Walk well, friend. {Almost spiritual in tone} 14
HELLO HELLO Happy 50 Welcome, friend. Looking for more appropriate attire? 15
HELLO Happy 50 The spirits told me you'd be coming. And that you're looking to buy. 16
HELLO Happy 50 Looking to make a trade? 17
HELLO Happy 50 Searching for that special something? 18

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