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PV13The following is based on pre-release information for the canceled online game codenamed Project V13 and is not considered canon.

More guns than Canada!

— Slogan

Crazy Ivan's New and Used Guns is a weapon and item store that appears in The Armageddon Rag, Vol. 4. It was founded and is owned by Crazy Ivan.


The shop sells various weapons and items ranging from the Chemblaster™ 3000™ CDS to the Super Duper stimpak. Crazy Ivan always claims that his items are the "absolute BEST" in their category.

Weapons and items soldEdit


  • The AKA-47, an assault rifle that is "dependable, reliable, and trusty!" It is also ideal if you're "looking for one gun to carry for any occasion, from hunting to self-defense to proactive self-defense".
  • Garry's Modified Shotgun with Accessories, a shotgun that comes with "mandatorily included" accessories which is ideal if you're "looking for one gun to carry for any occasion, from clay shooting, Clay Jones shooting, to target plinking".
  • The 9mm Burreyetta, Model 86d, a pistol that "packs a wallop and delivers high-quality manufactured precision lethality with minimal kick.". It can also be fitted with a blade attachment and a scope.
  • The .25 VOLCANOESQUE multi-chamber Handgun, a pistol that is "perfect if need extra firepower, in a handy and convenient form factor".

Energy weaponEdit

The Chemblaster™ 3000™ CDS (CDS stands for Chemical Delivery System), a high pressure chemical blaster that is "perfect for all pressure situations, low to high".


The Super Duper stimpak is the "absolute BEST life-saving healing drug available on the market today".



Crazy Ivan's New and Used Guns appears in The Armageddon Rag, Vol. 4.

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