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The crater house is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


The crater seems to have been caused by a jet airliner from Horizon Airlines crashing near the shore. A ring of elevated shacks surrounds a highly irradiated platform, centered on what seems to be the source of the radiation - one of the airplane's jet engines. The location is filled with Children of Atom, wielding radiation weapons. The east shack contains a booby-trapped steamer trunk and a terminal controlling the turrets.

Notable lootEdit

  • Wasteland Survival Guide issue #2 can be found on the lower level of the shack to the west and slightly north. It is on the table with a lantern and caps stash.
  • Three live nuke mines are planted around the outside edge of the crater.
  • Bottle message 1 - Trapped for Days is located behind the crater house, slightly east-northeast on the shore. Look for some barrels going from the crater house to Salem all the way from the shore. It's on the beach between the barrels and a log.


The crater house only appears in Fallout 4.