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Cram is a food item in Fallout 4.


Cram is processed meat in a blue labeled tin, primarily used as rations for soldiers during the Pre-War times. Cram is plentiful enough in the Commonwealth. With the ability to heal 25 hitpoints at the mere cost of absorbing 5 points of radiation upon eating it, it is a useful consumable indeed. However, as with all of the irradiated Pre-War foods, eating too much at one time is not recommended, as you will quickly amass radiation poisoning.



Cram is a play on spam, a widely used canned meat. Whereas the Cram of Fallout 3 and New Vegas was packaged in a box, the Cram of Fallout 4 reappears this time as a tin full of the meat substance with a pull tab to open the container, further likening it to its real world counterpart.

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