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Cork is a crafting component in Fallout 4.


A spongy, lightweight wood, cork is a rare but useful component used to make various items, including weapon modifications.


Miscellaneous object (see below)
rangeIcon range
levelIcon level
Cork (varies)
Original item Yield Weight Yield/W
Antique globe 2 3 0.67
Baseball 2 0.5 4
Classroom globe 2 3 0.67
Clean globe 2 3 0.67
Collectible baseball 2 0.5 4
Cork 1 0.1 10
Shipment of 25 units 25 0
Crystal liquor decanter 1 3 0.33
Globe 2 3 0.67
Youth League baseball 2 1 2


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Crafting in Fallout 4

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