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Copper is a crafting component in Fallout 4.


A soft yet highly conductive metal, used mainly in wiring. Copper is a component used to craft various electrical items, including weapon modifications, generators, turrets, lights, conduits, and other settlement objects that require or produce power.

With the Wasteland Workshop add-on, it can be used to craft cages.


Miscellaneous object (see below)
rangeIcon range
levelIcon level
Copper (varies)
Original item Yield Weight Yield/W
Beaker stand 1 0.5 2
Blue table lamp 1 3 0.33
Bone cutter 1 3 0.33
Broken lamp 1 3 0.33
Broken light bulb 1 0.5 2
Bunsen burner 1 1 1
Condenser power module fo4fhGametitle-FO4 FH 2 2 1
Cooking pot 1 0.5 2
Copper 1 0.1 10
Shipment of 25 units 25 0
Shipment of 50 units 50 0
Copper bar 10 0.5 20
Fuse 1 0.1 10
Gilded grasshopper 10 2 5
High-powered magnet 3 5 0.6
Hot plate 1 3 0.33
Light bulb 1 0.5 2
Magnifying glass 1 0.5 2
Power relay coil 2 0.5 4
Pre-War lamp 4 3 1.25
Shadeless lamp 1 3 0.33
Shadeless table lamp 1 3 0.33
Stew pot 1 3 0.33
Telephone 1 3 0.33
Vacuum tube 1 0.2 5
Yellow table lamp 1 3 0.33


  • Copper can be found all across the Commonwealth. It can also be scrapped from weapons and armor if the player character has obtained the Scrapper perk. The best source of copper for scrapping are modified pipe rifles, pipe revolvers, and pipe pistols; specifically those with longer barrels. Further to this, any pipe weapon with the 'rifle' suffix will yield at least 1 Copper when scrapped.
  • A large number of junk objects containing copper can be found at Wattz Consumer Electronics.
  • A large number of pre-War lamps (4 copper each) can be found at the Cabot House.
  • Can also be scrapped from the street lamps in Sanctuary.

Additionally, some vendors will sometimes have shipments of copper in stock. When they have copper, it might be a shipment of 25 or 50; the shipments of 50 seem to become more commonly available as the player character advances. The following vendors have been known to carry copper shipments:

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