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Yeah... that's Cook-cook. Did he always smell like this? Even before he was dead? And the Fiends let this guy touch their food?

Major Dhatri

Cook-Cook's head is a quest item in Fallout: New Vegas.


This item is used in the quest Three-Card Bounty, where you must take the head of Cook-Cook the fiend and present it to Major Dhatri for a reward of 250 caps.

If Cook-Cook is disintegrated, melted, or decapitated when he dies then a mangled head will be obtained instead, which is worth less caps when turned in to Major Dhatri.


Cook-Cook can be found just north of the South Vegas ruins west entrance.


  • 50 caps for a damaged head
  • 250 caps for an intact head
  • NCR Fame


If he is killed and looted for his head prior to accepting Three Card Bounty he can respawn and be killed and looted a second time. However, the head cannot be turned in more than once.

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