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Well the Merchants from the Hub told us a bunch of caravans disappeared on their way up north. I think there's an army in the mountains, but the Elders, well, they don't want to act until they're sure.

John Maxson

One came back from the east. He talked about a score of strange beings, all muscle with burnin' eyes.

John Maxson

Convince the Elders to send help is a side quest in Fallout.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Side Quest: Convince Elders to send help
Go to Mariposa Military Base.
Hack into Morpheus' terminal. (optional)
Go to the Lost Hills and speak to John Maxson.
Convince elders to send the Paladins to Mariposa or the Cathedral.
Reward: 1500 XP, 2 Paladins at the Cathedral
1500 XP, 3 Paladins at Mariposa

Detailed walkthroughEdit

Go to Mariposa Military Base and exit. If the Vault Dweller wants help at Mariposa, skip to the Brotherhood.

If the Dweller wants help at the Cathedral, he must then go to the Cathedral, enter the hall and go upstairs to the fourth floor. Deal with Morpheus and hack his computer.

After this had been done, return to Lost Hills. Report to Maxson and convince the High Elders about the danger from the base.

If the Dweller was at the Cathedral and mentions the controls from it, they will send assistance at his discretion; either to the base or to the Cathedral. Otherwise the Dweller can only take help to Mariposa.



  • If Mariposa is destroyed, the Elders will thank the Vault Dweller and the quest will become unavailable.
  • Having an Intelligence of one makes completing this quest impossible. Intelligence of two or three will require the use of Mentats.

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