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Confidence Man is a side quest in Fallout 4, where you help the Diamond City Radio host Travis Miles gain confidence.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Side Quest: Confidence Man
Speak with Travis at the Diamond City Radio station in Diamond City.
Speak with Vadim Bobrov in the Dugout Inn. Accept his quest, being offered caps if speech checks are successful.
Come back to the inn after 6:00 PM that day, or the next day if it is already past that time when the quest starts.
Speak with Travis in the inn and convince him to stand up to Gouger and Bull.
Help Travis win the bar fight.
Speak with Vadim.
Find and speak with Scarlett.
Return to the Dugout Inn and speak with Yefim Bobrov.
Go to the Diamond City Radio station and speak with Travis.
Go to Beantown Brewery.
Free Vadim and speak with him and Travis.
Reward: 300 XP
up to 300 caps
Travis is more confident on Diamond City Radio.

Detailed walkthroughEdit

To start this quest, speak with Travis Miles at the Diamond City Radio station in Diamond City. After this, you will have to wait until an NPC, such as a Diamond City security officer tells you in passing that Vadim Bobrov is looking for someone to help him regarding Travis at the Dugout Inn before you can start the quest, or speak with Hawthorne at the inn and go to the locations he provides and then return to speak with Vadim.

It is also possible to start the quest by simply entering the inn for the first time, and after entering you will overhear Vadim telling a story to a man named Hawthorne. After this conversation, leaving and re-entering the bar, you will pick up the quest by talking to Vadim.

Vadim will ask you what you think of Diamond City Radio's host, Travis Miles. Whatever you answer with, the conversation ends with him saying that Travis could use some confidence to better his radio show, asking the Sole Survivor if he wants to help. When agreeing, Vadim can be pushed to offer caps through three speech checks of increasing difficulty and amount. Whether successfully pushed or not, he says he's going to stage a bar fight at night and requests the player's assistance in it. The fight takes place any day at 6:00 P.M, the date is whenever you're ready to continue the quest. You can wait out the time if necessary. The quest will still work if you are a couple of minutes late. You can start the mission by re-entering Dugout Inn.

Once at the bar, Travis will be seen making his way inside towards the bar counter and is confronted by Gouger and Bull, two raiders Vadim hired for his staged fight. They begin to verbally harass Travis, who meekly replies, initiating the plan. At this point, the Sole Survivor can use Charisma to convince Travis to fight. Help Travis fend off the two using melee attacks to beat them into submission (using ranged weapons will make them enter hostility and guards will arrive). Proceed to speak with Travis after the fight, who is thrilled by what took place. Once he begins leaving, speak with Vadim.

If speech checks were passed, Vadim will give the promised amount of caps as he thanks the Sole Survivor. His next plan is to hook Travis up with his bar waitress Scarlett, further wanting to ensure he successfully becomes confident. Find and speak with Scarlett in Diamond City, convincing her to meet and talk with Travis. You can convince her Travis Miles does like her, or pay her to hook up with him. Once she agrees, head back to the Dugout Inn.

When arriving back, Yefim Bobrov will inform the player Vadim has been kidnapped by Gouger and Bull for him not giving in to their demands of owed bottle caps for the services provided. He pleads for help, but doesn't know where they took him, saying he needs to stay and that Travis should be spoken to. Go to Travis' radio headquarters to talk with him, telling him what happened to Vadim. In the conversation, he'll say that Vadim is probably at Beantown Brewery and requests to go along and help, which he does.

Meet Travis outside of Beantown Brewery and talk with him before heading inside. The building is held down by a raider gang and is full of its members. They'll need to be fought through in order to get to the room Vadim is being held in, which is guarded by Tower Tom, the gang leader. Once he and all surrounding members are dead, Travis and the Sole Survivor can enter to untie and free Vadim. Speak with him, and then Travis, who now has a new outlook on life with all that's happened to him. With this change, he thanks the Sole Survivor, returning to his radio station with newfound confidence.

Quest stagesEdit

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
10 Speak to VadimThe owner of the Dugout Inn has asked me to help him improve the confidence of Diamond City Radio's DJ, Travis Miles.
20 Meet Travis in the Dugout Inn after 6 PMI need to help Travis win a staged bar fight to boost his confidence.
30 Help Travis
40 Talk to Vadim
50 Convince Scarlett to meet TravisScarlett, the Dugout Inn's waitress, needs to be talked into spending some quality time with Travis Miles.
60 Talk to Yefim
65 Talk to TravisVadim has been kidnapped; Travis may know where he's been taken.
70 Meet Travis at Beantown BreweryVadim is being held in the old Beantown Brewery. I need to make sure he comes home in one piece.
80 Help Travis rescue Vadim
90 Talk to Travis
200Quest finishedIcon checkQuest completeVadim is safe. Travis has been through a lot recently, and hopefully it'll change his outlook on life.
300Quest failedIcon crossQuest failed

Companion reactionsEdit

  • Deacon, Danse, Curie and Piper like when the Sole Survivor tells Vadim it's a "Horrible idea" when he asks about getting rid of Travis.
  • MacCready, Cait, Strong, Deacon, Danse and Hancock like when the Sole Survivor says "Yes" to having been in a bar fight when asked by Vadim.
  • Nick Valentine, Danse, Piper, Curie and Codsworth like it when the Sole Survivor says "No" to having been in a bar fight.
  • Piper, Curie and Nick Valentine like that the Sole Survivor has Travis' back in the bar fight.
  • MacCready and Strong will like when the Sole Survivor tells Travis to stop being a coward before the bar fight.
  • Piper and Nick Valentine will dislike when the Sole Survivor tells Travis to stop being a coward before the bar fight.
  • Piper and Valentine like it when the Sole Survivor tells Travis that the kidnapping of Vadim is not his fault.
  • Cait, MacCready and Strong like the Sole Survivor blaming Travis for the kidnapping of Vadim.
  • Danse, Deacon, Piper and Valentine like it when the Sole Survivor tells Travis to stay cool and not think about what's going to happen inside the brewery.
  • MacCready, Nick Valentine and Piper like it if you say "You're an idiot" to Vadim after untying him.
  • Piper, Valentine and Deacon like it when you say "You're welcome" to Vadim after untying him.

For PC players wishing to reset Travis' radio announcements back to normal after the quest has been completed, it can be accomplished using the following series of console commands: ResetQuest ms14, then set radiodctravisconfident to 0


  • If the Sole Survivor tunes into the Diamond City Radio channel, they can still hear Travis speaking, even if he is in Dugout Inn or the Beantown Brewery.
  • Travis can lose the fight, which will unlock extra dialogue.
  • Gouger and Bull can be killed in the bar fight. If this happens, Vadim will be angry with the Survivor, and it will also change some dialogue with him after the fight, but not the quest itself or the rewards. When kidnapped, instead of it being them that take him, it will be raider friends of theirs.
  • If you directly go to Beantown Brewery after Vadim's kidnapping without asking Travis, Travis will be found inside. A funny scene will start where Travis and you can ask each other how they know Vadim was here.


  • pcIcon pc ps4Icon ps4 xboxoneIcon xboxone There is a glitch that causes both Gouger and Bull to be set to essential, making the quest impossible to complete without the use of console commands. [verified]
    • Two possible fixes are detailed here and here.
    • This bug can also be resolved on the console version of the game or without using console commands by loading a save file that is from a point before the player speaks to Travis to initiate the bar fight. The player must then go to Beantown Brewery (without talking to Travis) and kill Gouger and Bull who will now be killable. The player can then continue the quest as normal.
    • Additionally, reloading a save from before the "Meet Travis at Beantown Brewery" objective and entering the brewery without activating his dialogue may resolve this bug.
    • pcIcon pc The easiest way to deal with this bug is before it becomes a problem. After the fight in the bar, as Gouger and Bull start to leave, enter the following console commands which allows them to be killed: setessential 00043389 0, setessential 000ED665 0
    • This bug has been reported as fixed in patch 1.2. However, if this glitch is still encountered, simply load a save prior to talking to Travis and exit the Dugout Inn. Once you re-enter Gouger and Bull should be non-essential again.
    • pcIcon pc ps4Icon ps4 The player can also reload a save prior to entering Bean Town Brewery when prompted to meet Travis before entering. If the player bypasses interacting with Travis, engages no enemies, and rushes to engage Gougar and Bull, they are not represented as essential, and the quest can be completed regularly.
  • xboxoneIcon xboxone ps4Icon ps4 If you fail to talk with Travis after freeing Vadim, and he leaves the Brewery with Vadim, you may not be able to complete and close the mission. The map will show them at a location but they won't be there or the location won't be reachable. [verification overdue]
  • ps4Icon ps4 pcIcon pc Even after finishing the quest, Travis might still talk on the radio as if the quest was never completed. [verification overdue]
    • pcIcon pc This bug can be fixed by entering the console command set radiodctravisconfident to 1

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