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This is a transcript for dialogue with Cromwell.

Topics Edit

GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Who have we here? Could it be? A new addition to our humble little community? Dear child, welcome! Welcome to Megaton! {Gasps in mock surprise before speaking.} 1
Neutral 50 I am Confessor Cromwell, prophet of Atom and father of the undying Glow. Please child, come to the Church any time. Any time at all! 2
GREETING Neutral 50 I apologize, but I cannot talk now. Perhaps you'd like to take a seat and enjoy the sermon? { } 3
GREETING Sad 100 Yes? Oh, I apologize. I was just... contemplating why Atom, in his wisdom, chose to take my dear Maya to his glow before her time. { His faith in Atom is shaken.} 4
Neutral 50 These are questions that none of us can answer in this life. Now, how may I help you? 5
GREETING Neutral 50 It is so good to see you again, dear child! Remember, the Church of the Children of Atom is always here for you. Salvation IS attainable! { } 6
MegCromwellChurch1 What do you believe? Neutral 50 The Church of the Children of Atom is based on the idea that each single atomic mass in all of creation contains within it an entire universe. 7
Neutral 50 When that atomic mass is split, a single universe divides and becomes two thus signifying the single greatest act of Atom's creation. 8
Happy 50 Occasionally, a divine event occurs and trillions upon trillions of new universes are created. The last such event took place here, 200 years ago. {Reverent and lost in his own words.} 9
Neutral 50 Where most of the lost children of Atom see that event as simple war and devastation, we see creation and unification in Atom's Glow. 10
MegCromwellChurch2 Why do you worship the bomb? Neutral 50 Those who were called to Atom during the Great Division were very fortunate. They were permitted to aid in the process of Atom's creation. 11
Neutral 50 We seek the same, both in symbol and in fact and the "bomb", as you call it, represents Atom's capacity for creation. {He says that word "bomb" with distaste.} 12
Neutral 50 We kneel before it and ask that Atom call us to aid him. We pray that out of our meager bodies, he will create new life. 13
MegCromwellChurch3 What the hell is wrong with you people? Sad 50 It's a shame that you so easily mock us without even knowing our doctrine. 14
What the hell is wrong with you people? Sad 50 Even knowing the truth, you continue to mock us. How very, very sad. 15
MegCromwellChurchEnd Let's talk about something else. Neutral 50 As you wish. 16
MegCromwellChurchOfAtom Tell me about the Church of Atom. Neutral 50 Yes? What would you like to know? 17
MegCromwellDonate Do you accept donations? Happy 50 Why yes, we do. How much would you like to donate? 18
I'd like to donate to the Church. Neutral 50 Certainly, child. How much help can we expect from you? 19
I'd like to donate to the Church. Neutral 50 Help us, and we in turn help Megaton. How much would you like to donate? 20
MegCromwellDonate10 <Donate 10 caps.> Happy 50 Thank you. 21
<Donate 10 caps.> Happy 50 Atom be with you. 22
<Donate 10 caps.> Happy 50 Bless you, child. 23
<Donate 10 caps.> Neutral 50 I appreciate the gesture, child, but you don't have enough caps. 24
MegCromwellDonate100 <Donate 100 caps.> Happy 50 Thank you. 25
<Donate 100 caps.> Happy 50 Atom be with you. 26
<Donate 100 caps.> Happy 50 Bless you, child. 27
<Donate 100 caps.> Neutral 50 I appreciate the kind gesture, child, but you don't have enough caps. 28
MegCromwellDonate50 <Donate 50 caps.> Happy 50 Thank you. 29
<Donate 50 caps.> Happy 50 Atom be with you. 30
<Donate 50 caps.> Happy 50 Bless you, child. 31
<Donate 50 caps.> Neutral 50 You don't have enough caps. 32
MegCromwellDonateEnd I've changed my mind. Neutral 50 Very well. 33
I'm done donating. Neutral 50 Very well. 34
MegTownDirections I could use some directions around town. Neutral 50 In each our own way, we are all lost. Where would you like to be, brother? 35
I could use some directions around town. Neutral 50 In each our own way, we are all lost. Where would you like to be, sister? 36
MegTownDirectionsBed Where can I rent a bed? Neutral 50 Up at Moriarty's at the south end of town. Talk to Nova, she'll help you out. 37
MegTownDirectionsClinic Where's the closest clinic? Neutral 50 Atom can only heal the wounds of the soul. For wounds of the body, you should see Doc Church. His clinic is directly to the north the Church. 38
MegTownDirectionsEquipment I need some equipment. Where's the nearest general store? Happy 50 Seek out Moira at Craterside Supply, although the true pilgrim relies on Atom to supply all that he needs. 39
MegTownDirectionsGoBack Let's talk about something else. Surprise 50 What do you wish to discuss? 40
MegTownDirectionsWeapons Is there a weapons dealer around here? Neutral 50 It saddens me to think how quickly we resort to violence. 41
MegTownEnd That's all I needed to know. Neutral 50 Very well. 42
MegTownFatherChoice I'm looking for my father. Middle-aged guy. Maybe you've seen him? Neutral 50 Many of the transient visitors end up at one of Megaton's seedier establishments. { } 43
Neutral 50 I suggest you speak to Colin Moriarty and continue your search there. 44
MegTownMegaton What can you tell me about Megaton? Neutral 50 Megaton Atom's sacred village. He has chosen this place for the site of his shrine and we have been called. 45
Neutral 50 Outsiders ask us "why did you build a town around a bomb"? To them, I say: The bomb brings the promise of Division and the gift of the Glow. 46
Neutral 50 The bomb is us. The bomb is Atom. And thus, we are Atom awaiting the day in which each of us gives birth to a trillion new lives. 47
What's the word around town?
What's the news? Neutral 50 News? My friend, I take effort not to be involved in such worldly business. Earthly pursuits distract from Atom. 48
Neutral 50 Of course... now that you mentioned it, I've noticed that Moira has hired a mercenary to protect her goods the man never sleeps. So they say. 49
Know anything about the area outside Megaton?
Confessor, have you ever traveled outside of Megaton? Neutral 50 In my youth, I traveled quite a bit. But... that was a different life. I assume that you are seeking information and advice, yes? 50
Neutral 50 The only advice that I can offer is this: you will find no wealth in the Wasteland greater than that which you will find within yourself. 51
Neutral 50 Bask in Atom's Glow, and you will understand. 52

Conversation Edit

GOODBYE I have to go now. Neutral 50 I wish you well on your path. {Calm and peaceful.} 53
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Walk in the Glow. {Calm and peaceful.} 54
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Rays shower you, child. 55
HELLO HELLO Neutral 50 Light shine upon you, Sheriff. 56
HELLO Neutral 50 May Atom's Light shine. 57
HELLO Neutral 50 Light shine on your path. {"Light" is used as a proper name here.} 58
HELLO Neutral 50 Yes, my brother? 59
HELLO Neutral 50 Yes, my sister? 60
HELLO Neutral 50 Hello, my Child. 61
HELLO Neutral 50 Ah, my dearest wife... 62
MegCromwellPrayEvening MegCromwellPrayEvening Neutral 50 Behold! He is coming with the clouds! And every eye shall be blind with his glory! Every ear shall be stricken deaf to hear the thunder of his voice! 63
MegCromwellPrayEvening Neutral 50 Let the men, women, and children of the Earth come forth to gather and behold the power of Atom! 64
MegCromwellPrayEvening Neutral 50 Let those who dwell here in his favored land attend now to the words of the Prophet of Atom! 65
MegCromwellPrayEvening Neutral 50 Come forth and drink the waters of the Glow, for this ancient weapon of war is our salvation, it is the very symbol of Atom's glory! 66
MegCromwellPrayEvening Neutral 50 Let it serve as a reminder of the Division that has occurred in the past and the resplendence of the promise of our division in the times to come! 67
MegCromwellPrayEvening Neutral 50 Give your bodies to Atom, my friends. Release yourself to his power, feel his Glow, and be Divided. 68
MegCromwellPrayEvening Neutral 50 There shall be no tears, no sorrow, no suffering, for in the Division, we shall see our release from the pain and hardships of this world. 69
MegCromwellPrayEvening Neutral 50 Yea, your suffering shall exist no longer; it shall be washed away in Atom's Glow, burned from you in the fire of his brilliance. 70
MegCromwellPrayEvening Neutral 50 Each of us shall give birth to a billion stars formed from the mass of our wretched and filthy bodies. 71
MegCromwellPrayEvening Neutral 50 Each of us shall be mother and father to a trillion civilizations. 72
MegCromwellPrayEvening Neutral 50 Each of us shall know peace, shall know an end to pain, and shall know Atom in his glory. 73
MegCromwellPrayEvening Neutral 50 I urge you, my friends come, drink with me and pray... 74
MegCromwellPrayEvening Neutral 50 Glorious Atom, I give unto you these feeble bones. I present to your will this frail body. 75
MegCromwellPrayEvening Neutral 50 I beg of you to use me as your vessel, guide me to your brilliance, divide each particle and give relief to this rotten flesh. 76
MegCromwellPrayEvening Neutral 50 Cast the fragile form of this ephemeral body into new life in the forge of your Glow. 77
MegCromwellPrayEvening Neutral 50 Atom, come bestow your presence on your unworthy servant. 78
MegCromwellPrayEvening Neutral 50 We stay true, until the Day of Division until the dawn of your return to His humble world. {"Amen"} 79
MegatonTalk1 MegatonTalk Neutral 50 Yes, good wife? 80
MegatonTalk Neutral 50 Yes, my darling? 81
MegatonTalk2 MegatonTalk2 Neutral 50 I've been concerned about church attendance lately, Mother. The town's inability to fully accept Atom's promise is... most discouraging. 82
MegatonTalk2 Neutral 50 Have you thought more on that matter we discussed? It's a bold plan, Mother. But I fear the townsfolk may not be ready for such an intervention. 83
MegatonTalk3 MegatonTalk3 Anger 50 Glorious, Maya! Simply glorious. I sense that His coming is upon us... any day now... 84
MegatonTalk3 Anger 50 Breathtaking, my love. Soon, Atom's glory will be upon us. Very soon. 85

Combat Edit

Attack Attack Neutral 50 In Atom's name, you'll pay for your transgressions! 86
Attack Neutral 50 By Atom's grace, be still! 87

Detection Edit

NormalToCombat StartCombat Neutral 50 You must not do this! Not here! 88
StartCombat Neutral 50 I implore you, do not resort to violence! 89

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