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Concord Speakeasy is an unmarked location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


This is a two-story building with a basement. There are two entrances: one facing the streets leading to the Museum of Freedom and one which leads to a side street. There is a safe (Advanced) behind the counter. On the second floor, immediately to the left, there is a locked door (Advanced) which contains an ammo box, a suitcase, and a steamer trunk. The opening connects two buildings: the non-speakeasy building has a door to Concord. A double set of doors on the second story leads to a tiny balcony outside.

Notable lootEdit

  • 2 X-cells in a unlocked room on the second floor, near the skeleton on the bed.
  • Vault-Tec lunchbox - Enter the room right next to the one with the locked door (the one with the 3 shutters and the door to the Commonwealth), right side of the bed.
  • 2 Day Tripper bottles - This rare chem can be found upstairs in the bathroom, directly across from a bathtub surrounded by posed mannequins. 1 bottle is located in the sink, and the other is beneath it.


Concord Speakeasy appears only in Fallout 4.