Android abolitionism in the Commonwealth is a conflict between the Institute and the Railroad throughout the the Commonwealth, and is ongoing as of 2277. The Railroad aims to free the Institute-created androids and synths from their ownership.


Robotic androids created by the scientific community known as the Institute in Boston, regularly gain independent thought and desire freedom, and to leave their own masters. The Synth Retention Bureau, a division of the Commonwealth Police, set out to reclaim escaped androids. In 2277, an android named A3-21 escaped the Commonwealth for the Capital Wasteland, and was given a mind-wipe and facial reconstruction by Horace Pinkerton, and renamed himself Harkness, and was aided by the Railroad, the Institute's main opponent in the abolitionist conflict. A scientist named Zimmer ventured to the Capital Wasteland alongside his android bodyguard Armitage, in order to find and reclaim A3-21.


Commonwealth android abolitionism appears in Fallout 3.