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Commando armor is a unique armor set in Fallout 4, only available through Proctor Teagan.


Commando armor is a set of armor consisting of a combat armor helmet and combat armor chest piece. Both pieces come with the Polymer modification and, due to being legendary, offer 2 more points of Damage Resistance and Energy Resistance when compared to similarly modified combat armor pieces.


The Commando chest piece has the same effect as the Legendary "Powered" effect, increasing Action Point refresh speed.

The Commando helmet has the same effect as the Legendary "VATS Enhanced" effect, granting a 10% reduction in Action Point cost in V.A.T.S.

Name Base Item Starting Mods Dam Resist Eng Resist Rad Resist Weight Value Effect
Commando armor
Commando chest piece Combat armor Polymer combat armor

Lead Lined

24 24 15 14.6 978 Increases Action Point refresh speed
Commando helmet Combat armor helmet Polymer 16 16 0 6 420 10% reduction in Action Point costs in V.A.T.S.


Both known pieces are sold by Proctor Teagan on the Prydwen.


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