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For an overview of leather armor variants in all games, see leather armor.

This heavily padded leather jacket is unusual in that it has two sleeves. You'll definitely make a fashion statement whenever, and wherever, you rumble.

— Fallout 2 In-game description

The combat leather jacket is a piece of armor in Fallout 2. It is a superior version of the regular leather jacket. Despite it having two sleeves, sprites wearing it will still have one sleeve on. It has an AC of 18, double that of the usual leather jacket and three more than standard leather armor. It also prevails over both in damage resistance, but leather armor Mk II would later be a preferable option for mid-game areas.


This armor can be found in New Reno Arms. Also, Balthas gives one for finding Jonny by bringing him back home from slags. Merchants in San Francisco will also have it in stock occasionally.

Big Jesus Mordino is a fan, wearing one of these in his casino hideout in New Reno, the Desperado.

Behind the scenesEdit

Sharing a model with the standard leather jacket means that it will visibly have one sleeve, despite the description.