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Overboss Colter is a character in Nuka-World in 2287.


Colter is the leader of the three raider groups in Nuka-World in 2287. He was selected and guided by Porter Gage to lead the three factions to the theme park due to him being the toughest raider around. After taking control of the park however, he became lazy and didn't do what was originally planned. The other raiders grew tired of him and began to plot against him. But not until the Sole Survivor arrived did someone take action and help end the leader's life.

Interactions with the player characterEdit

Interactions overviewEdit

General Services Quests
Essential: noIcon cross
Companion: noIcon cross
Perk: noIcon cross
Merchant: noIcon cross
Repairman: noIcon cross
Doctor: noIcon cross
Rents bed/room: noIcon cross
Starts quests: noIcon cross
Involved in quests: yesIcon check
Taken for a Ride

Other interactionsEdit

  • Colter will have additional dialogue if the Sole Survivor is wearing a vault suit.
  • Colter will also react to the Silver Shroud costume.
  • Colter will make comments about the player wearing a suit of power armor.



Overboss Colter appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.


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