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The coffee tin and clean coffee tin are junk items in Fallout 4.


Slocum's Joe Inc.'s name and corporate mascot, a donut with a cup of coffee, is featured prominently on one side of this tin.


The coffee tin can be broken down into its individual components for use in crafting:

Coffee tin (1)
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The coffee tin is also a component of the food item, Slocum's Buzzbites, which can be produced at a cooking station.


Coffee tinEdit

  • One on a baord, under the bridge to Charlestown.
  • One in the collapsed store, on the road from the Corvega assembly plant to College Square.
  • One on a fridge in a collapsed houses east of Croup Manor, the second on the south side of the road.
  • One on top of a desk in the first room to the left as you enter McDonough's Office in Diamond City
  • One in the outside buildings attached to Fort Hagen.
  • One laying on the floor inside your original house in the House of Tomorrow.
  • One is located at the very end of the Old Gullet sinkhole. After you leave the cave it's down on the ground by the refrigerator.
  • One on a board in the water near North End church.
  • One on a board in the middle of the swamp next to Poseidon Energy
  • One is located in the Railroad HQ in the room with P.A.M..
  • One on the second floor of the South Boston Police Department on a shelf.
  • One in a warehouse by the edge of the water, near Postal Square.
  • One on a board near the base of the southern end of the bridge where the wreck of the USS Riptide is located.
  • One in West Everett Estates, in the house to the right of Lance/Leon's.
  • Far Harbor (add-on)Gametitle-FO4 FH Two can be found at the unmarked gas station above the basement armory.

Clean coffee tinEdit