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That means you're, erm... two centuries late for dinner! Perhaps I could whip you up a snack? You must be famished!

Codsworth is a domestic-model Mister Handy purchased by the Sole Survivor, in service to them and their family before the Great War in Sanctuary Hills, as a butler from 2077 to 2287. He can be recruited as a potential companion after the quest When Freedom Calls.


Codsworth is a Mister Handy robotic butler for the Sole Survivor's family before the Great War. He was bought by the family not long before October 23, 2077—as evidenced by the Mr. Handy box in the laundry room of the Sole Survivor's home. He was not granted entry to Vault 111, as claimed by the Vault-Tec rep, and was left behind when the war was announced on television. Codsworth is reunited with the Survivor after 210 years of roaming around Sanctuary Hills, still loyal to his master.

At first, Codsworth seems cheerful and oblivious to what has happened. During the first ten years after the war, Codsworth tried to keep himself busy by doing futile housekeeping work, such as keeping the nuclear fallout-tainted floors waxed, dusting a collapsed house and polishing a rusted car. However, talking to him further reveals that he is actually very depressed about the state of the world, and was deeply affected by his two-centuries-long isolation. To cope, he pretended that nothing happened. At some point after the bombs fell, Codsworth visited the town of Concord - mentioning that the locals only "pummeled [him] with sticks a few times" and "shot at [him] on a few occasions" before he retreated back to Sanctuary.

Codsworth is known to say the player character's chosen name if it is an option, although it may be shortened, extended or have a word omitted. A list of spoken names can be found here.

Interactions with the player characterEdit

Interactions overviewEdit

General Services Quests
Essential: yesIcon check
  • Always
Companion: yesIcon check
  • Permanent
Perk: yesIcon check
Merchant: noIcon cross
Doctor: noIcon cross
Rents bed/room: noIcon cross
Starts quests: noIcon cross
Involved in quests: yesIcon check


  • War Never Changes: Codsworth will act as the family's butler in this quest, providing small bits of dialogue and interaction.
  • Out of Time: The Sole Survivor has the option to team up with Codsworth and scout the area of what once was Sanctuary Hills.

Effects of player's actionsEdit

Maxed approval with Codsworth grants the Robot Sympathy perk, which grants +10 Energy Resistance against robots' energy weapons. Maximum affinity can be achieved after attaching 29 weapon modifications, read the Robot Sympathy perk page for more information.

Range of interestsEdit


Apparel Weapon Other items
- Built-in buzzsaw and flamer Purified water


  • Codsworth will become available as a companion after completing the quest Out of Time. It is not necessary to complete the quest When Freedom Calls, simply getting close enough to Museum of Freedom to start hearing gunfire (up to the playground in Concord should be close enough) and returning to Codsworth will suffice.
  • Codsworth is armed with a flamer and a circular saw as is typical with a Mister Handy and is remarkably efficient at dispatching enemies at close range as he is able to roast foes with the flamer to soften them up, then cut them apart with his saw. He is remarkably resilient, enough so to remain active in a fight for a considerable period of time, assuming that he isn't hit with heavy weapons. This makes Codsworth an excellent early-game companion who can take the brunt of battles. However, he cannot be revived during combat by injecting stimpaks as he is a robot. However, with the purchase of Automatron the player character can find or craft robot repair kits (schematics aren't required, therefore one can create them as soon as a chemistry station can be accesed, with no level requirement).
  • Codsworth has an innate Damage Resistance of 25, which is about on par with a human companion wearing a full set of girded leather armor. However, his innate energy resistance is 5, which is much lower than any full armor set worn by a human companion. His hit points are similar to the game's human companions, thus human companions equipped in full metal armor or heavier will surpass him in durability. Codsworth's innate damage/energy resistance receives a moderate boost at very high player levels, but is less than that provided by a good suit of armor.
  • He is one of the only robots from the Mister Handy line from across the entire Fallout franchise that actually acknowledges that the Great War has even occurred.
  • Like Sergeant RL-3 from Fallout 3, another robotic companion, Codsworth will 'float' on water instead of diving in.
  • Even after the Great War, Codsworth's box survived and can be seen in the closet of the Sole Survivor's house.
  • He will sometimes interact with other robots, such as Takahashi in Diamond City, Whitechapel Charlie in Goodneighbor and Deezer in Covenant.
  • He will occasionally provide the Sole Survivor with purified water, filtered from the ground water as he can be heard saying when in pools of water to be filling up his reserves. He also appears able to extract water from the ambient air, as he occasionally mentions that his condensers are still working.
  • He can be heard humming and whistling various songs, such as La Marseillaise and Rule Britannia.
  • He can wear the bowler hat, and its variant: the Triggerman bowler. However, the +1 Endurance bonus from the hat does not affect his hit points.
  • Codsworth can say over 900 names.
  • Because of his longer arms, he has trouble fitting through some gates and doorways.
  • Until the quest Out of Time is completed, he will always return to Sanctuary Hills in front of the Sole Survivor's house, no matter which settlement he is sent to. He will also not appear as a VIP in the Vault-Tec Population Management System, even if currently following the Sole Survivor.
  • If the player character "destroys" the enemy's corpse after killing them, Codsworth will berate the player for "not being very sporting."
  • If the Sole Survivor picks up some pre-War items, Codsworth will say "Taking a trip down memory lane, sir/ma'am?"
  • Before making the run for the Vault 111, the player may bid Codsworth farewell. However, in a conversation between the two, the Sole Survivor will still apologize for not saying goodbye.
  • If knocked unconscious, Codsworth will say: "Sir/ma'am? I...I'm dying..."
  • Codsworth's encounter dialogue will change if the Sole Survivor has made progress through the story before meeting him (for example the player will be able to tell Codsworth that Shaun is "with his father/mother" instead of asking him about Shaun's whereabouts if they have finished the storyline)
  • The player character is able to customize and modify Codsworth at a robot workbench if they have the Automatron add-on. When he is put in the robot workbench he loses the option to wear the bowler hat.
  • Codsworth's name appears to have come from Wadsworth, the Mr. Handy inside Megaton's vacant house in Fallout 3.
  • If brought to the Boston Airport, Codsworth will mention having accompanied the Sole Survivor (if female) or Nora (if male) to wait for their spouse on his return from his tour of duty.

Notable quotesEdit

  • "This is all much more exciting than domestic life I assure you!"
  • "Beats doing housework!"
  • "If there's a use to that I'll eat my hat." – When picking up junk items
  • "Even at the worst of times, things aren't so bad when you're around, sir/mum."
  • "The past, the present, and the future walked into a bar. It was tense."
  • "One of the joys of top notch taste receptors is getting to enjoy the full flavour without the nasty hangover." – inside Brewery underneath Diamond City.
  • "Oh dear, is that... Mum/sir? Sir/Mum, I'm... I'm so sorry." – If taken to Nate/Nora's corpse in Vault 111.
  • Conversation with Deezer at Covenant:
    –"Ah, a fellow Mister Handy! [to Deezer] Hello there, ol' chap. Good to see another of General Atomic's finest still eager to serve."
    –"And a good day to you too, sir! Can I interest you in a refreshing glass of Deezer's Lemonade?"
    –"Don't be daft, you know I can't use the stuff."
    – "No discrimination here. Everyone benefits from Deezer's lemonade! Get yours today while supplies last."
    –"[To the Sole Survivor] A pity. It appears Deezer's programming is too severe to allow for normal conversation. Ah well."
  • "Charles Dickens walks into a bar. He asks the bartender for a Martini to which the bartender replies "Olive or Twist?""
  • "Chemically speaking, alcohol is a solution."
  • When engaging combat:
    • "I've got a buzz saw with your name on it!"
    • "Terrific! It's a fight, then!"
    • "Head down, sir/mum! It appears someone is shooting at us."
  • "'Tis but a scratch!" – When damaged. (Most likely a reference to Monty Python and the Holy Grail)
  • When using chems:
    • "Need a little pick me up?"
    • "A little self-medicating, sir/mum? Shouldn't a doctor be doing that?"
    • "Careful to not over do it there."
    • "Easy does it there. Don't want to go nodding at an inopportune moment."
    • "Steady on there."
  • Walking around naked:
    • "Wearing the bare minimum, I see. Aha. But seriously, sir/mum. Put on some pants at the very least."
    • "Sir/Mum, I'd be remiss were I not to inform you of your bare-cheekedness."
    • "Um... sir/mum? You're bearing all to the world, and some more."
    • "I dare say, you're leaving little to the imagination."
    • "I know the world has ended, but certainly we ought to strive for a little common decency."
  • Using the Cannibal perk:
    • "Well, that's Commonwealth steak tartare for you."
    • "Next time, might I suggest a little seasoning perhaps?"
    • "Mind the bones, sir/mum. Don't want to chip a tooth."
    • "Who needs utensils, right, sir/mum? Or napkins, for that matter."
    • "A grown man/woman needs his/her protein, I suppose."
  • Swapping Codsworth for:
    • Cait: "Ah, Miss Cait! So good of you to agree to take my place. May fortune favor the brave, my dear.", to which Cait replies: "You're begginin' to get on me nerves, Codsey."
    • Danse: "All my hopes go with you for a successful mission, Paladin Danse.", to which Danse uncomfortably replies: "Sure, Codsworth. Thanks."
    • Deacon: "And so it goes. Do be mindful out there, Mister Deacon.", to which Deacon replies: "Always am, Codsworth. That's one thing you can count on."
    • Hancock: "It's an honor, sir, to know that the beloved mayor of Goodneighbor is taking my place.", to which Hancock replies: "Pleasure, Codsworth. Keep it real."
    • MacCready: "Mr. MacCready, please take care of my master/mistress. If harm should befall him/her, I would be most disappointed.", to which MacCready will reply: "Quit worrying, Codsworth. You're going to blow a fuse or something."
    • Nick Valentine: "Mister Valentine, I couldn't have picked a more wothy replacement.", to which Nick replies: "Codsworth, you flatter me. You take care of yourself."
    • Piper: "Miss Wright. I trust you'll do your best to put the safety of my master/mistress before your own personal gain?", to which Piper replies: "[sigh] Of course, Codsworth... Jesus. Lucky for me, those two things go hand in hand."
  • Swapping another companion for Codsworth:
    • Cait: "If you'd rather travel with this bucket of bolts, fine by me. You'll know where to find me.", to which Codsworth replies: "Charmed as always, Miss Cait."
    • Curie: "If it isn't Monsieur Codsworth. It is a pleasure to see you again.", to which Codsworth replies: "Doubly for me, Miss Curie. Don't worry, I'll keep the Master/Mistress safe."
    • Deacon: "Codsworth. It's time.", to which Codsworth replies: "Oh, Deacon, your witticisms, as always, are I'm sure quite droll."
    • Dogmeat: "Not to worry there, pup. Your master/mistress is in good hands."
    • Hancock: "Well, this certainly puts a new spin on "cleaning up the Commonwealth", don't it.", to which Codsworth replies: "We shall leave it spic and span!"
    • Nick Valentine: "Don't let this one boss ya around too much, Codsworth.", to which Codsworth replies: "There's nothing I'd like more, Mister Valentine."
    • Piper: "Hey, Codsworth. You sure you're up for this?", to which Codsworth replies: "Miss Piper, I can think of no greater honor."
    • Preston Garvey: "Hey, Codsworth. Take over keeping an eye on him for me?", to which Codsworth replies: "Yes, of course, Mister Garvey!"
    • Strong: "Metal man is weak. When metal man smashed, come find Strong.", to which Codsworth replies: "Weak! I'll have you know I've fended off bloodbugs when necessary."
    • X6-88: "If you fail in this assignment, Codsworth, I will personally make sure that you are dismantled and then melted down.", to which Codsworth replies: "You have nothing to fear, Mister X. I am well aware of my duties."


Codsworth appears only in Fallout 4.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • One of the names that Codsworth can say is one of the many references to the Blade Runner franchise throughout Fallout 4. If the surname "Deckard" is used in some way in the player's name, Codsworth will refer to the player as Mr./Mrs. Deckard. This is a reference to Rick Deckard, the main protagonist of Blade Runner.
  • "Furiosa," "Humungus," "Mr./Mrs. Rockantansky," "Goose," "Mudguts," "Toecutter," "Wez," "Dag," and "Toast" are names from the Mad Max series that Codsworth can pronounce.
  • Also, Codsworth can call the Sole Survivor, "Morpheus," "Neo," or "Trinity." These names are references to the The Matrix film.
  • Codsworth can call the Sole Survivor "Kal-El," which is the name of Fallout 4's voice director, Kal-El Bogdanove. Bogdanove's father is Jon Bogdanove, a comic book artist that named his son for Superman's real name.
  • Codsworth can call the Sole Survivor "Vic," possibly a reference to the protagonist of "A Boy and His Dog" by Harlan Ellison.
  • If Codsworth takes damage, he may say, "'Tis but a scratch," possibly as a reference to the Black Knight in the movie, "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" It could also be a reference to Mercutio's death scene in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.
  • Codsworth's initial behavior after the Great War, such as continuing housework and pretending to be oblivious to the nuclear bombings, somewhat resembles the character Hilda Bloggs from the 1982 graphic novel When the Wind Blows by Raymond Briggs. However, Codsworth desperately denied his deteriorating state, isolation and ruined surrounding while Hilda remained innocently ignorant to her situation. Like Hilda; upon her hair falling out from radiation poisoning; Codsworth eventually came to realize and accept the horrific reality of nuclear war.
    • This behavior, as well as other robots' inability to process the War happening, are similar to Ray Bradbury's short story There Will Come Soft Rains, where a futuristic automated house continues its duties, oblivious to the fact the nearest city is a glowing radioactive crater and the family it was programmed to serve are now nothing more than some silhouettes burned into an exterior wall.
  • The 'worth' part of the name is typical among pop-culture butlers.
  • Codsworth will correctly say uncommon spellings of names such as Cori and Borri. Cori being the name of a villager from The Elder Scrolls Arena and Borri being the name of one of the Greybeards from Elder Scrolls Skyrim.


  • pcIcon pc ps4Icon ps4 xboxoneIcon xboxone Codsworth may sometimes stay in one place when dismissed to a settlement (even if outside the building boundary), and rarely move around or perform tasks except to fight hostile enemies.[verified]
  • pcIcon pc xboxoneIcon xboxone ps4Icon ps4 Assigning Codsworth to a settlement resource may have no effect, despite indicating that he is assigned to it in the Workshop menu.[verified]
  • pcIcon pc ps4Icon ps4 As stated in the notes section, Codsworth will become available as a companion after discovering Concord on the map. It is not necessary to complete or even start When Freedom Calls. Simply going to Concord and returning to Codsworth is enough. However, if Codsworth is sent to another settlement before the companion dialogue is complete, he will not acknowledge any attempt to speak to him until he is sent back to Sanctuary and the proper dialogue is completed.[verification overdue]


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