Clifftop shacks

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The clifftop shacks, located in the Capital Wasteland west of Vault 92, is a medium-sized camp with two interior sections populated by super mutants.



The exterior of the clifftop shacks consists of two shacks which can be entered by doors located on the front of the two buildings, as well as a run-down, outside shack with falling walls, a slanted ceiling, rubble littering the floor, and a captive wastelander who can be rescued for a small reward. There are 4-5 super mutants, ranging from regular mutants to dangerous super mutant overlords depending on the Lone Wanderer's level, occupying the area as well as 1-2 centaurs, also dependent on the Lone Wanderer's level. The clifftops can be accessed by a dirt hill semi-protected with rubble walls that is behind the abandoned shack on the right in the scenery picture.

Northeastern shack

The northeastern shack is a single-roomed, abandoned shack and can be accessed by a front door on the outside of the building. The shack has a usable bed, with a safe hidden underneath it.

Southwestern shack

The southwestern shack is a two-roomed, abandoned building and can be accessed by a front door on the outside of the building. It contains a captive wastelander.

Notable loot

Northeastern shack

Southwestern shack


  • There are two random encounter triggers that occur near the bottom of the bridge going up, and a puddle next to the cliffs.
  • Loading a saved game or fast traveling can cause a group of mutants to spawn, which may include a super mutant overlord (with the Broken Steel add-on) armed with a gatling laser.
  • Sometimes, when using V.A.T.S. from a distance to highlight the captive, the game may not load the super mutants to the area.


Clifftop shacks appears only in Fallout 3.

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