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The classroom is a room built in Fallout Shelter.


The classroom is used to train a dweller's Intelligence. The room requires 30 dwellers to unlock. You can place up to 3 classrooms next to each other horizontally to increase size and number of assignable dwellers to this room.

A level Three classroom, called an Academy, will occasionally have the lights shut off for administration of the G.O.A.T. Examination. This is not a glitch in your power grid, and does not pose any risk to the vault.

The upgraded version of the triple-sized rooms have caged hamsters, an animal that does not appear in any other Fallout game.


Single Room Double Room Triple Room
Output +1 to Intelligence stat +1 to Intelligence stat +1 to Intelligence stat
Upgrade Bonus Increased training speed Increased training speed Increased training speed
School Upgrade Cost 1500 2250 3000
Academy Upgrade Cost 4500 6750 9000

Training timeEdit

Intelligence Stat Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Time
1 to 2 26 m 25 m 22 m
2 to 3 1 h 20 m
3 to 4 2 h 41 m
4 to 5 4 h 29 m 4 h 8 m
5 to 6 6 h 44 m 6 h 22 m
6 to 7 9 h 26 m 8 h 40 m
7 to 8 12 h 35 m 11 h 34 m
8 to 9 15 h 43 m
9 to 10 19h 39m 17h 38m


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