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Jason has mentioned some industrial ruins to the east that are supposed to be highly radioactive.

Chris Haversam

Clark Field is a location in the Mojave Wasteland. The pre-War chemical plant is located southeast of Novac.


Highway 95 winds around this place, as if to escape the death and stagnation. A small power plant and nuclear storage site bombed long ago, with containment reactors slowly leaking out radiation, Clark Field now sports broken concrete and dead corpses, succumbing to the poisoning or the pack of golden geckos that roams here.[1]


Clark Field is highly irradiated and is home to some golden geckos. There is a small fenced-in area south of Clark Field that is not irradiated, there you will find a white "NAC" container with a skeleton and some loot lying next to it.

Near the south entrance from the Highway is a dead pack brahmin. There will also be two stimpacks, one super stimpack, and an isotope-239 igniting agent on the ground nearby, possibly depending on your progress in the quest for which that item is needed.

At the north entrance (when approaching Clark Field from the toxic dump site, also where you spawn when you fast travel to this location), is a prospector wearing a radiation suit. He may spawn partially buried in the asphalt, and therefore may be hard to see. He has a container of isotope-239 igniting agent you need as one option for fulfilling the Come Fly With Me quest.

Notable lootEdit


Clark Field appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.


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