The Civil Defense Administration was a government agency of the United States of America, tasked with disseminating information about nuclear war survival and the creation and distribution of propaganda among the United States citizens. As it's name suggests, it was meant to coordinate and oversee civil defense preparations within the United States, at State, Commonwealth & Federal levels. This included the national civil Emergency Alert System, which was in turn tied into the Emergency Alert Systems of the various Commonwealths, including that of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

One of the agency's mascots was the kid-friendly Bert the Turtle who was featured on one of the posters practicing "Duck and Cover!" This agency advocated the use of air raid shelters during a nuclear strike. It was also responsible for, what was by the 2050s a badly under resourced, network of civil defense shelters and emergency supply caches throughout the country. The agency also had a (strictly nominal) oversight role for the 'Societal Preservation Program', i.e. Project Safehouse.

A poster created for this agency, that of a man holding a shovel asking, "Where will YOU be when the Holocaust comes?", is copied onto a slide for the Vault Dweller's Survival Guide.

Known componentsEdit

The National Catastrophe Relief Auxiliary was a subordinate agency.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Civil Defense Administration is the Fallout universe's counterpart to the real-life Federal Civil Defense Administration, Federal Civil Defense Authority and Office of Civil Defense, American government agencies that distributed information about the threat of communist attacks and coordinated civil defense program activities such as fallout shelters between 1951 and 1979.

Some posters of the CDA are directly inspired by real propaganda posters of the Red Army, made during the October Revolution of 1917.

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