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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.
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This is a transcript for dialogue with Ching Tsun, hardware merchant in the Secret Vault Garden..

Ah, you must be the outsider. I am Ching Tsun, a fellow student in the art of war. You see, I design and repair weapons. Perhaps you are interested?

Yeah, let's see what you've got.
Not right now.

Ah, your beauty is only enhanced by the scars of battle... Forgive me, outsider. I am Ching Tsun, a scientist and maker of destructive devices.

Got anything to sell?
I'm off to collect some more beautiful scars. Bye.

It is an honor for me to meet such a well-preserved specimen... Oh, forgive me. I am Ching Tsun, a weapons researcher for the Vault Tec corporation. I have devices to sell, if you need anything.

Yeah, I could use some new shit.
No thanks. Gotta go.

How may I help you?

I'd like to look over your inventory.
Here. I found some spare parts for you.
I don't need anything right now. Bye.

I have a special favor to ask of you, outsider. You see, we have limited equipment here in the garden. If you find useful bits of technology as you explore the vault, I would be most grateful if you brought them to me.

I'll keep my eyes open. For now, let's see your merchandise.
You mean parts like these right here?
I'm the best damn garbage collector you've ever seen. Off to work now.

Ah, you have found some useful parts! These will help me to fabricate more effective instruments of destruction! Here - a small reward.

It's already burning a hole in my pocket. Time to go shopping...
Thanks. I'll come back if I find some more.

It is good to know that violence has not gone out of style in the world above.
I am always trying to improve the damage potential in my armaments.
Please, treat these devices with utmost respect. They are my children.
Make each weapon an extension of yourself... then you will be invincible.
Do you prefer accurate weaponry, or those with a greater scope of destruction? I have both types to choose from.
Balance your armaments with defensive measures - I have well-made body armor that will fit you perfectly!
You know, an electromagnetic pulse will severely damage most robotic opponents.
Armored opponents are often susceptible to various forms of damaging radiation... thermal, ionizing, and so on.
You'll find that energy weapons possess superior penetration mechanics when compared to conventional weaponry.
These devices don't bring suffering... but an end to suffering.
The tactical applications of my devices are secondary to their beauty.
I consider myself an artist. In the science of destruction, there is a fundamental act of pure creation.
What is a weapon but an expression of our most profound desires to shape - or re-shape - the world around us?
Some items may leak radiation - far below the median lethal dose, I assure you!
Be careful with that! A small accident could kill everyone in this room, ha ha!
I have never actually met a professional fighting man. But I must say, you are exactly what I expected!
Certain drugs can help you maintain a combat-effective state even when you are critically injured.
You say there are many "ghouls" like you in the world above? How fantastic!
I've never seen such severe radiation burns up close... not on a living creature, anyway.
A creature such as yourself would want to inflict many casualties over a wide area, correct? Some explosive devices would suit you, then.
I would love to run some ballistic tests on one with your, ah, physiology... But forgive me! That would be terribly rude!